Letting Go Of Negative Thoughts

I heard a story that describes how our problems grow because we feed them. It is a story of two wolves that we carry within us, the good and the bad wolf. They are both equal in the sense that to survive they depend on the food they are fed. Our attention is the food that feeds these wolves.

If we choose to keep feeding the bad wolf our attention, he will become stronger and dominant over the good wolf. If instead, we choose to feed the good wolf and not the bad wolf, he will become dominant.

Which wolf thrives is a matter of how we place our awareness. Do we look at life with negative opinions and eyes? Or do we look at life through our heart, with openness, excitement, and acceptance?

Which wolf you feed is up to you, as the focus of your attention is the hand that is doing the feeding. Energy flows where attention goes, and if you look at how you feel about yourself and life now, it is a direct reflection of how you have lived and perceived your experiences yesterday and the days before. If you want to change your unhappy feelings and negative life experiences, then you have to be willing to change the behaviors that are causing them to support instead feeling better.

It is simple, but not always easy. Here are the steps:

(1) Evaluate all the areas of your life to determine which wolf you are feeding in each one.

(2) Discontinue feeding your attention to the behaviors that are supporting you to feel bad.

(3) Practice feeding your attention to actions that support you to feel good about yourself.

Once you become aware of what is causing your unhappiness, then if you keep feeding the bad wolf that is causing all the negativity, you are doing it to yourself, and creating your tomorrows to feel more of this same way. To realize we are consciously sabotaging ourselves is a hard place to be. Once you know this is happening, only you can make the choice to adjust your behaviors so you are instead feeding the good wolf.

So the final question for you is this: Which wolf do you feed?

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