Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

If we do not get the results in life we want, it could be because we are not following through with our energy to match our goals.

Quantum physics has proven that energy flows where our attention goes, and as well, our attention goes where our energy flows! This is a giant feedback loop of energy that circulates from our emotions to our actions, and then to the environment, and then circling back to our emotions mediated through our perceptions.

Our perceptions play a big part of this because they dictate how we will feel about the action steps we need to take to achieve our goals. As well, our perceptions dictate what emotions are triggered, which will influence our motivation for either continuing or quitting the steps required to achieve our goals. Also, our thoughts are tightly interwoven into our perceptions.

Our Emotions also play a big part in many ways, as they not only steer our actions, but the energy vibrations they give off is what sets in motion what becomes possible to manifest. This is the Law Of Attraction in Action!

Our physical actions are also important because we live in a physical dimension that is made of denser energy we call matter. What this means is that we have to take physical steps and move through resistance to get the energy flowing to support our goals to be achieved. Actions are important, but not the top of the list, because if we do the physical steps required to reach our goal, but our emotions are not in support of it, this will sabotage the results, which will drain our energy. When our emotions are in support of our actions, we gain energy from our efforts, because the process and results fill us with joy.

It is important to understand how our perceptions, emotions, and actions need to be aligned with our goals. If they are not in sync, the energy we set in motion will yield a result that is proportionately out of sync with our desired results. To achieve the best desired results possible, ALL the energy that we put out there must be aligned with our goal, because the universe is a giant feedback loop of itself. What we put out there is sooner or later what we get in return.

Everything is energy, so when we feel a particular emotion and express it with our thoughts and actions, these waves of energy go out into the universe and interacts with it on a quantum level, and we experience some sort of result from that. Our perceptions intercept the resulting energy, which is what decides how we will interpret the results. When we are doubtful in our thoughts and emotions and take actions with that energy, not all parts of us are committed as a fully functioning team. This creates a rift between the power of our emotions and actions, and they end up working against each other instead of together. If instead our thoughts, feelings, and actions are aligned with the enjoyment of the process, then the energy we are sending out to the universe will mirror back a result that will leave us feeling joyful. That is encouraging feedback that will fuel more of those emotions and actions to continue creating more successes to follow!

Contemplating the connections between our thoughts, feelings, actions, the results we get, and how we feel about the results we get, will show us our perceptions and how they are affecting our goals.

If you enjoy the articles I write, please let me know, as this will encourage me to write more of them for you. As well, if there are any topics that you would like me to talk more about, please CONTACT ME with your feedback. It will guide me to write more of what you want to read

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