Anxiety Relief

Learning how to process your feelings and emotions through your body will give you the anxiety relief you are looking for.

Imagine feeling something in the past that was too much, so you stuffed your emotions out of reality in some way or another. Have you ever wondered where that energy went? Did it just disappear? Is it gone so we never have to think about it again? NO, it will exist as long as you persist in avoiding the feeling of it.

Stuffing our emotions is like the beach ball metaphor, we are pushing them under the water like a ball. No big deal right, we can hold one ball down. Then we feel it again, or some other feeling that is a lot to take, so we stuff that one down too. We may eat, drink, or smoke something that helps us feel something better. Out of sight, out of mind! Then another difficult feeling, and another... and pretty soon we are holding so many beach balls under the water that we can't control them anymore, and suddenly they all come exploding up to the surface in the form of negative thoughts, self-doubt, fear, panic attacks, and other forms.

When we don't process the full experience of our emotions, we are trying to hold the energy of life from being what it is. Are we stronger than life? Can we master the ability of not feeling something that is difficult to handle? We think we can for a while, but the truth is, it always catches up with us because life will keep happening and the emotions will keep building up. We are feeling beings, and the feelings will keep coming... and like a river, the flow of water has to go somewhere. When a river is dammed up, it will eventually build up enough water to go around or break through. This is what emotions do when we push them away; they get dammed up. They become a force we call anxiety that makes us lose our ability to stay calm and make healthy decisions, becoming controlled by irrational fear.

Think about this, if the feeling doesn't get experienced through your body awareness, how can it be let go of? Emotion is the river of life. It is energy in motion. If we avoid it, it is like pushing the beach balls under the water. It takes energy to hold them down. They are there, we know it, it stresses us to do that, but we go about our life anyways pretending they are not there and that we are fine. Sooner or later something happens, and it triggers us to feel ALL that pushed down emotion. It is just like the beach balls exploding up to the surface. The stress of all that is just too much to process, so we start making rules that protect us from doing the things that make us feel that way. Pretty soon we are stuck in a tiny little bubble, not able to do the things we love anymore because there is too much fear of having to feel too much emotion.

These are just behaviors that we learned to do, and behaviors can be changed. Once we learn how to accept and process all of our feelings, we will slowly burn up all that old stuck emotion. Once this starts to happen, we can release emotions as they first happen, rather than accumulate and eventually explode up to the surface in some negative way. It is much easier to process emotions when they first happen, rather than years of accumulated unresolved emotions that explode up all at once. When we want relief from anxiety, we have to start small, step by step. It can be done, as I have done it, and have helped many others do the same in my practice.

Here is a Hypnosis audio that will give you a good start in relieving anxiety: "27min audio to Stop Anxiety in its tracks".

If you would like to take some further steps to free yourself from anxiety to be your authentic self, rather than stuck in fear, please CONTACT ME for a free strategy session.

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