One area in our life can hold back the other areas

If you are feeling stuck and putting a lot of effort in some areas of your life with little success, it might be other parts of your life holding you back.

Pick up and stretch an elastic band. The more you stretch it out, the tighter with resistance it gets. At one point, if you keep pulling it will snap. If you are not holding it back at one end, and you let go with the other, it will snap back with a bite to the direction that it is still held tight. If you stretch and let go just right, you can use the energy to propel it forward and shoot it off your hand.

In life, the energy of how at times we get help back, and at other times we leap forward in our progress, is like the energy of the elastic band. How can you expect some areas of your life to keep moving forward if the energy in another is holding us back? You can only stretch the energy of the elastic forward so far before you either get pulled back from the power of its resistance, or, it snaps in half and loses its energy entirely.

The point I want to make with this is that if we evolve the blocked areas of our life that are holding us back, it will allow the gap to be lessened between the other areas. This will allow the energy to move forward without the gap of resistance holding it back anymore. Think of how easy it would be to go forward with a goal if there was no more resistance holding you back.

To flow with harmony and success in the steps we take to achieve our goals, all our energy must flow with harmony to do so. If we are stagnant, or even septic in any area of our life, then our overall energy will be contaminated. This will cause undue stress, heavy emotions, lack of motivation and low energy.

What areas cost you more energy than you put into them? What can you do to increase their flow? Or do you need to let them go?

This resistance could happen by being unhappy in a relationship, where you frequently experience conflict and stress that you don't know how to resolve, and it drains the life out of you. When you feel heavy resistance in one area of your life, but want to be in a creative flow in another, there may be too much of a gap to be able to make much progress, as the one cancels the other out.

It could happen in many ways. Perhaps you are not sleeping well, and always tired, and your body is stressed by not recuperating from everything you do each day, or maybe you do not eat well, or take care of yourself physically, and your energy is always feeling depleted, and your thoughts and emotions feel unhappy. These kinds of things will stress all the other areas of you life.

If you want to flow your best in one area of your life, you may want to look at all the areas and see if any of them are holding you back from not flowing well. If they cost you more energy than you put into them, they are not flowing, and will take power away from the other areas, and it's a sign that its time to make some adjustments.

Sometimes it just requires time and effort to work these things out; but in the meantime, if your energy is low and pulling you down, CLICK HERE for a Free Chakra Balancing audio that will help Restore Equilibrium to your body : )

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