How to manage a stressful situation

Have you ever been in a stressful situation that you just couldn't get out of?

Say you were at work with a client or coworker, and you could feel your energy getting drained more by the minute, but you had so stick it out! Here is what you can do to get through and come out the other side feeling ok, and maybe even more energized than you started.

Before I get to the "How To" part, I just want to touch on a bit of language to get us pointed in the right direction. EVERYTHING IS ENERGY!

If this is true, then not just your body is energy, but also the person or situation that is causing you to feel drained. Not only that but your feelings and emotions are energy too! Everything is patterns and frequencies of energy that exist whether you can see and touch them or not.

Patterns and frequencies of energy interact with other patterns and frequencies, which create different patterns and frequencies. The energy will either expand their combined powers, lower them, or keep them the same.

When you were feeling good, and then the work situation began to drain you to feeling bad, this was simply the energy of the situation interaction with the energy of you and your emotions, causing the power and frequency of your energy to drop and change.

When you feel the negative energy from the person or experience that is draining you, suppose you could use your mind to bring in higher frequencies of energy into your body to cause your overall energy to either raise or stay neutral in relation to the negative energy in the situation! Wouldn't that be a handy thing to do? Here are a couple of methods to do it:

(1) The first method is practicing with sound, to get used to feeling the vibrations. Use something like a singing bowl that you can play close to your body. Do this for about 5 min, and open yourself to feel your body sensing the vibrations. As well, imagine that these vibrations are a bright light that is filling your body up brighter and brighter. Doing this will cause the sound vibrations and the vibrations of your thought intention to interact with the energy of your body. These combined energies of positive intent will create the frequencies of your body and mind to raise.

(2) Once you get the hang of it with the bowl, then practice with just your mind. Once you get good at this, then when you are in a challenging situation you can use your mind to visualize filling your body with bright light and raising your vibrational frequency. This will help keep your energy safe from the negative energy, and will also support the environment towards a more positive outcome for all involved.

Give this a try, and if you like this sort of thing, here is a link to a 27 min guided audio visualization to balance your energy field

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