How does Energy Healing work?

Have you ever felt drained with unhappiness and then someone in a great mood came by and you quickly felt better? This phenomenon happens from the other persons higher vibration interacting with our energy field that causes our emotional vibration to raise. This is how energy healing works as well. The energy healer simply uses intention to channel life force energy into our body, which interacts with our energy and creates it to expand. The more healthy life force energy our system has, the more fuel it has to balance itself back into harmony.

How does this happen on a scientific level, as energy healing is hard to prove and explain because you can't see it.

If you think of a wave of energy drawn on a piece of paper, it will be a squiggly up and down line that goes across horizontally. When this wave of energy meets another wave of energy, the two frequencies interact and interfere with each other, resulting in a changed energy pattern. This is called an interference pattern. When frequencies that interact are in phase with each other, they combine and expand their power. This is referred to as a constructive interference pattern. When two frequencies interact that are not in phase, they will diminish the power of the energy wave. This is referred to as a destructive interference pattern.

Now imagine when you are feeling great, and then you have to be around someone who is in a bad mood, and this just seems to suck the life force out of you. This is a destructive interference pattern, as your energy dropped and shifted into not feeling as good. When it is the other way around, with someone who is laughing non-stop for a while and you can't help but join in, this is a constructive interference pattern. When this happens, you can feel your energy has quickly expanded and you suddenly feel better than you did.

Energy healing simply uses positive intent to channel high-frequency life force energy into our system, which interacts with our energy field and results in constructive interference patterns. If we don't believe in energy healing, or don't like the person that is giving it to us, this will resistance that can block it from expanding our energy; however, when we are open and receptive to the energy, our life force energy will expand.

Energy healing is wonderfully relaxing to have done. If you cannot afford to or don't know one, try a singing bowl. Pick one that has a sound that feels good to hear. Ring it for a full 5 min. and as you do, imagine that it's energy vibrations are filling you up from head to toe with radiant electric energy. The bowls frequencies and the combined positive visualization will create constructive interference patterns in your body. This will raise your whole physical and emotional state. If by chance, the frequency of the singing bowl does not resonate with you, that you do not feel good when you play it, then it is not in alignment with your system, and it could lower your energy and make you feel unwell. Make sure the bowl you use sounds and feels right to play, as that will create healing energy that is compatible with you.

If you find this article helpful and would like more of its kind, please send me an e-mail to let me know

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