What would you do if fear didn't hold you back?

I remember when I was a young teenage boy, I wanted to be a conservation officer. When I got older, because I had so much fear and anxiety in school, I gave up this dream because I was not willing to go to more school to qualify for the job.

Everything we want is on the other side of our fears. In working through the difficult processes to learn how to move through our fears, we will become the person who we need to be to achieve our goals. It is not about removing our fears so that our desires will then be possible; it is about the process of evolving ourselves through all the steps we dare to take in our intent to create our goals to happen. When we hit blocks and fears along this path, and choose to enter and follow through these feelings and emotions, we become stronger and more able to handle and process challenges in life that we previously could not.

Having our goal reached is not a result of working through our fears, it is more of a by-product. The goals we desire are simply the motivation that inspires us to pick up our feet and explore what it new and unfamiliar. If it weren't for these feelings of wanting something to motivate us to go through effort and growth to try to get it, we would never stretch ourselves to expand our relationship with life.

So how have you grown through the experience of how you had to change to achieve something you wanted? Please send in your comments, I would Love to hear! Click here to Send e-mail comment

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