Knowing when to Surrender can support us well!

Sometimes we get caught on the outcome of how we expect things to turn out, but when they don't go the way we wanted we feel disappointed. Suppose we could remain focused with our goals intention, yet at the same time let go of our attachment to the outcome.

Recently I had booked doing a presentation with someone for their class. It felt like a great idea to both of us and seemed like the perfect fit for the students as well. We agreed to get back to each other after we looked at our schedule's to set a time, but suddenly there was a no-reply back to me on the confirmation date. I left it a while and then sent another note but never heard back again. I realized that I had become emotionally attached to doing this presentation because it bothered me with not hearing back. I decided to look at that and realized I needed to let go of wanting it to happen, while at the same time still hold my intention of doing it. As soon as I did that I felt relieved from an inner pressure that was gnawing at me. I was then able to be okay with it turning our whatever way it did. I just surrendered my attachment to the outcome.

Usually, when I do this, things go better than I planned. I would first put my intention and energy out there, and then let go to allow the universe to play its hand. Doing that opens up the possibility for the very best outcome. This happens because when we hold too tightly on how something has to happen, how can any other possibility be available to manifest.

In my above experience, it turned out that the next morning after I let the attachment go for wanting the presentation to happen, this person e-mailed me back and for their own reasons didn't want me to do it anymore.

I could look at that as a failure, but instead, I prefer to see it another way. If I didn't let the attachment go, I would have taken the cancelation personally with disappointment. Instead, I looked at it as the universe guiding me in another direction that is a better fit and investment for my time.

When have you found that holding onto an outcome just caused you disapointment, pain or difficulty? Have you ever surrendered your attachment to an outcome that allowed it to turn out better than expected?

Please send in your feedback : )

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