How to release stuck energy

Have you ever felt so stuck with negative energy that it took more than you have just to do the simplest things? It builds up bit-by-bit and accumulates so slowly that we easily get accustomed to it. It is like having your back or neck a bit too tight for a while in one spot. It can make other parts of your body out of balance as you compensate for it. Before you know it you are out of alignment and in discomfort in many places. When body pain builds up slowly, we seem to get used to it. Negative emotional energy stuck with us for a long time is also like that. We just get used to the unhappiness until the suffering eventually builds enough to motivate us to do something about it.

Whenever we feel like a victim, resist life, focus on negativity, don't assert healthy boundaries or simply don't do new things that bring joy into our lives, we stop the flow of fresh new energy from flushing out the old. We have to open the window to let in fresh air. Just like our breathing, we have to let go of the last breath before there is room in our lungs for the new breath.

Letting go of negative energy is simple. We just have to allow energy to flow, and everything will be just fine. Feeling and experiencing life will allow energy to move through us to make room for the new. This mindful action is the fundamental process of natural flow. Just look at a log jam. If debris blocks the stream current, it cannot flow smoothly. When it heavily rains, the water cannot get through the stuck debris as quickly as the supply that is coming forth, so it rises and goes around, which damages everything in its path along the way. Like the stream, when more than you can handle happens all at once, the energy of these unprocessed emotions gets stuck and pile up instead of logs.

Rather than letting them build, so you become overwhelmed with stress, anxiety or even depression, if instead you get in there and start pulling out the stuck debris, which is to pay attention to and process how you feel, the energy and emotion will release, and the flow will become smoothly again. Once the log jam is freed, by continually processing your feelings and emotions when new life experiences happen, negative energy will not easily get stuck anymore because the flow will keep flushing your energy field out, not allowing anything to resist enough to get stuck.

We all know that still water supports stagnation and moving water doesn't. It may take some time to dwindle down the emotional logjam bit-by-bit, but if you don't, it will just keep building up and always reminding you through feelings of misery that it needs your attention.

** Hey, if this article helped you, let me know how. If it didn't, let me know what area you think was missing that would help, as your feedback helps me to write better articles that can better help you and others. Contact Arne with your feedback

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