Being positive is easier said than done! Or is it?

Recently I have had a lot of challenges come up in my life all at once and it's been difficult to remain optimistic. People say, "Think positive thoughts" and stuff like that. Well, when you are in a downer mood with things piling up, that is the last thing you want to hear!

From my experience working with clients in that place, and being there myself more times than I can remember, if we apply a few simple steps it is possible to make big changes in how we feel and how our future outcomes turn out. Yes, it is hard to do, as we just want to whine and complain about all the things that are making us feel miserable (myself included) but if you are tired of how crappy and draining that feels, how about trying a different approach for a bit. If you don't like doing that, you can always go back to feeling miserable again!

Here are 2 tips to give you some power to change the negative feelings and circumstances in your life:

(1) When you notice that you are feeling in a way that you don't like, STOP and make a list of something you recently experienced that was enjoyable to do. Go into the feeling of what that experience was like. Then write down what you liked and APPRECIATED about it and how it made you feel. Then fully embody that feeling and read it out loud with all its emotion and focus on the feeling of appreciation in your body.

At the moment when you are feeling down, instead of replaying the negativity in your mind from the situation, when you stop that behaviour and take this action to show your subconscious mind that you actually do have things in your life that are joyful, it will magnetize more joyful experiences into your tomorrows. Doing this re-orients your attention away from negativity, and onto what feeds you with joy. Doing this enough will entrain this positive feeling to future life experiences that match that feeling. This equals conscious manifestation.

(2) This tip is a hard one, but it will make the first tip work far better when you do them together. Simply look at the things that you are challenged with and write down how they are teaching you something good about yourself. It could be something like: learning to become strong, becoming aware of how easily you fall into negativity to help you learn how to let that habit go, becoming confident and building self-esteem, or learning to be patient.

There is always something good that we can find in all our experiences. Doing this will not only allow you to go from attracting more experiences of negativity, to instead creating a future of happiness and joy by applying conscious participation to what you manifest. Give it a go for a month or so, what have you got to lose, except maybe feeling crappy?

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