Everything we need is right where we are, willingness is all that is required to see it.

A while ago I was having a conversation over dinner with my significant other, who happens to be a Law of Attraction Life Coach. I was asking her for help in some areas of my business that I wanted to improve, but was not sure how to go about it. I found myself saying: "Here is my problem, here is my goal, and I need logical steps to close the gap." Part way through my describing this, she politely guided my attention away to listen to the voice of a waitress who was behind the bar, who I suspect didn't know she was singing as she worked.

"Listen to the joy and passion that she is singing with!" she pointed out. Rather than getting taken away into feeling interrupted, I listened for a bit. She then said something very profound to me: "You said you wanted more freedom and joy in your business. Just listen to the freedom and joy in her singing. How do you feel when you hear the heart coming through her voice?" She then said that the very thing I wanted to bring into my business was right here all along. I just had to open my attention to notice it, allow myself to experience it, and my business would change as a result.

I realized that to create freedom and joy in my business, I just had to open myself up to allow it to enter as I conducted my business. I was so busily working hard on my computer for hours and hours to create freedom and joy, but by doing this I was not allowing it to enter my life as I worked this way.

My lesson here is that the present moment always has the problem and solution in it at the same time. Now I take many little breaks from my computer work to do things that I feel freedom and joy with. I drum, play my didgeridoo, practice Kung Fu or look outside and watch the deer. When I get back from my break feeling rejuvenated, I am bringing the energy of freedom and joy into my work. All I had to do was notice when I was feeling drained, then stop and do something else I enjoyed for a bit. Often it really is as simple as stopping to smell the roses!

Life has everything in it. To have what we want, all we have to do is open and let it flow in. Once we allow the feeling of it into our body, like me experiencing the freedom and joy of the woman singing, it then becomes a part of the other things we are doing in our day, which then attracts more experiences that are of the same wonderful feeling.

If this article resonates with you, send me an e-mail with a relevant questions, and I will be happy write about it. Contact Arne

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