Positive intentions do work, keep sending them out!

Sometimes we get discouraged and just need a reminder that the universe is still listening. Here is an example that helped me realize how powerful our intentions are.

I recently went to a hot tub and it felt heavenly as I got in. I found myself saying, "God that feels good." I said it with such feeling that even without words, my facial expression would have said it all.

My Girlfriend and I were talking about positive intentions that night and realized something interesting about that with hot tubs. It does feel good to get into a warm bathtub, but with a hot tub it somehow feels better. Something was different, but what? I always thought it was the water jets, but as we went further into the question, another answer came. We realized that every time someone gets into the hot tub, they would feel and express, on some level, how good it feels to do so. We realized that the water became infused with the "god this water feels good" emotion every time someone got in.

Have you ever heard of Dr. Emoto "Hidden Messages Of Water" where he froze water that was infused with emotions, and then photographed the crystal formations from them? He found that higher emotional expressions like "I love you" made the most beautiful patterns in the water crystals. When the communication was negative like "I hate you", the crystal formations were ugly and unappealing. These experiments proved that water can hold the energy of the emotions expressed into it.

I believe the hot tub feels so good not just because of the jets and bubbles, but also from the energy of the people expressing how good it feels when they get into it. With each person that gets in and expresses how wonderful it feels, and since water can absorb the energy imprint of emotions, the hot tub becomes a container that doesn't just hold water, but also that "feel good" energy that attracts people to enjoy it.

Specific emotions equal clear patterns and frequencies that represent that feeling. When the water is continually appreciated over time as people get in, those "Feel Good" frequencies already infused in the water interact with the frequencies of each persons appreciation as they get in, and these energies multiply into more of that good feeling emotion. This "in-phase" wave frequency interaction of the water and the persons emotional frequency creates constructive interference patterns that expand the "good feeling" experience of the water.

Now think of how you express yourself with all your thoughts and conversations during the day. Since everything is energy and can hold vibrational frequencies like the water can, if you focus resistance, unhappiness and judgment towards things, you are supporting yourself and the environment to be infused with negativity. If you instead look at things with appreciation, you will support yourself and the environment to be infused with that, increasing a future of harmony.

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