Leveling up in life

When we go through growth spurts of raising up to a higher vibration, there are usually a lot of storms through this ascension. You know, things are slowly building with more difficulties of emotions catching up with you to the point that something's just got to give. It even feels chaotic for a time, as nothing seems to be going right. This experience is often accompanied by feeling unhappy, sad, low on energy or even depressed and you don't know why! This chaos goes on for a while and builds to a head that makes you feel you're going to explode and all of the sudden the storm ends, and there's incredible clarity. Things are stable, calm and more expanded. Life just looks brighter, as though from brand new eyes.

I want to describe something that I saw in a Gregg Braden program called "Walking Between The Worlds". It was the perfect example of what happens to us when we go through this. He showed video of patterns and formations of water that sound frequencies were introduced, which was similar to Dr Emoto's Hidden Messages in water, where they froze water that they exposed particular emotions to and filmed the crystal formations that manifested.

As the lower sound frequencies expressed to the water, the patterns were very simple and uniform. As the frequencies slowly increased, the pattern would vibrate more and more intensely, but hold its shape until it hit a key threshold resonance and it would suddenly morph into a more complex pattern of its self-expression. It would maintain its current pattern for a while as the frequency increased and then morph again when it hit the next key threshold resonance. It would first start to vibrate more abruptly and appear unstable, then suddenly BLOOP into an even more complex pattern.

Our consciousness raises to higher frequencies quicker than our body, as the physical realm is denser energy that is subject to time, therefore, the slowest to change. It feels physically and emotionally chaotic while these transformations happen, but if we allow the full experience of this process, we will soon hit the next key threshold resonance when our body has adapted and can suddenly hold the new higher frequency. This experience is like the water experiment just before it would suddenly morph into a more complex pattern.

These BLOOPS can happen up or down. When we focus on negativity and resistance, not willing to step into and allow what life brings us, we can bloop back down to a lower vibration. If we instead allow the experience of these difficulties to guide us from our higher self, rather than from our lower ego self that wants to resist this change, we will bloop upwards.

If you ask me, it is effort either way, trying to hold life from changing, or learning how to allow ourselves to grow into higher levels of experiencing ourselves. Let yourself Bloop and level up!

I know from experience that levelling up in life is hard and can bring up a lot of fears. If you would like a solution for this click here to sign up for my free Hypnosis audio to help you process these fears as they arise (it is at the top right of the page).

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