Feeling stuck, here's how to get the ball rolling again

In life there seems to be a lot of getting stuck and trying to get out. We often spend a lot of energy resisting what is keeping us stuck. We think we need to push away the thing that is in our way, but in that effort, we just find more stuff to keep us stuck!

This is like a rolling ball. It wants to roll, is designed to do that, but we put up all sorts of blocks across life's path that keeps it's momentum from taking us where we want to go. Until we are willing to listen to the messages that the problem is communicating to us, we will not be able to take the appropriate action that will get us rolling with ease again.

When we meet resistance in life, something is purposefully coming to our attention to show us that we are no longer going with the flow of life. It is like the ball that was rolling along just fine with its own momentum, but has suddenly bumped into some obstacle and needs some attention to steer past. Relative to our life, the obstacle is not the thing that is keeping us stuck, it is really just a messenger speed-bump to slow us down enough for us to get the memo that life is communicating the need for us to take action to shift direction to get things going again.

Once we see and understand the message in the obstacle, shifting into that right action is required to get the ball rolling in the right direction again. It had to get stuck when it did, as a course change was required by life's messengers. With the information of the new direction, all we need to do is just give the ball a push in the direction that the messenger has told us to go in by taking the action that we are instructed to take. Then once the ball is going in this new direction, its momentum will carry it forward until the next required guidance comes along and stops it with another speed bump to communicate that another course direction change is required. In time with practice, it becomes like driving a car, we don't have to stop to read the direction sign, but we need to follow the instructions to make the correct turn.

When we level up and evolve ourselves in one area of our lives, the other areas that are less evolved become obstacles that keep impeding the higher flow of life. This is on purpose, as without these messages that stop us, we would never be able to focus long enough to see where our next step needs to be taken.

When we can't get past the messengers finger to see it is pointing us to the direction that we need to go in, then all we will see are the ugly wrinkles on the finger that is trying to point to the solution. In other words, if we don't listen and follow the messages given, the messengers will bring more messages to pile in our way to get our attention and our flow will get even more stuck until we finally get it.

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