Someone in a bad mood sucked my great mood out of me with a straw!

Have you ever been in a great mood doing something and someone walked into the room with their bad mojo and you just felt like the life was just sucked right out of you with a big straw? Have you ever wondered how this happens and what you can do about it? Here's my take:

The great mood you are in is a 9 out of 10, and the bad mood person that just came in is a 3, and before you know it... poof, you're a 3! How does that happen?

Imagine this. You place a wide circumference, but shallow rimmed ceramic bowl in the water of a calm pond. You drop a rock in the water near the bowl and the waves overpower it, it takes on water and sinks. Now you take another wide circumference, but much deeper rimmed bowl and do the same experiment. It rocks somewhat, but easily stays afloat, and after the waves pass on by, it calms and stills.

Neither one of the bowls was made from a material that floats and clearly they both can displace enough water to float, but with one very significant difference between the two. The lower rimmed bowl cannot support much turbulence before it takes on water and looses its ability to float. It simply sinks downwards.

Now think of your ability to hold to your great mood when that person with the bad mood comes into the room. Suppose that your ability to hold your mood is like the taller sides of the bowl and theirs is the shallow rimmed bowl. What do you think will happen now? With a more stable and stronger ability to displace the waves than the person in the bad mood, they will not be able to stay afloat as well as you. They will either sink, or have to swim and get rescued by the strength and stability of your good mood.

I did some experiments for a while with this and experienced some interesting results. When I let the bad mood persons negativity bother me, I lost my groundedness in my happy mood and the bad mood persons frequencies sunk mine like a tsunami. When I paid attention to how I was feeling and didn't let their negative wave frequencies effect me, they did one of two things. They either came up to my good mood, or went away. Once space cannot allow room for both frequencies to take up the same space simultaneously.

So you see, by applying mindful attention with positive intentions, we can effect the outcomes of circumstances much more than we previously had thought!

Hey, if you have experienced anything like this, send me an e-mail, as I would Love to hear your stories!

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