Give of yourself, don't give yourself!

Some days you got something to give, and some days you don't!

Have you ever been in a relationship where your partner or friend needed some emotional support or something from you, and you wanted to help, but felt conflicted because dammed if you do, and dammed if you don't?

What I mean is, that you wanted to give, but you were so emotionally or energetically drained that if you did, you would be giving yourself away to help the wellbeing of another at a cost to your own wellbeing.

In this kind of situation we need to really look closely to the energy resources of what we can and cannot healthfully give. We need to know what our capacity is. If we don't we simply give ourselves away, which quickly drains our energy and wellbeing away feeling resentful.

This is a difficult place to be in because we care about our the loved ones in our lives, but we also care about ourselves. Ultimately, the better we take care of ourselves, the more able we can help others. From my perspective of being an energy healer and hypnotherapist, I see this as a simple energy pattern that can easily be remedied through mindful assessment and action.

It's important to open up to become aware of how you are feeling inside yourself when you feel that what you are being asked for is more that what you can presently give. This requires some level of experience in being aware with how our body feels from day to day and moment to moment. Without this we cannot assess what we have or do not have available to give at any particular moment.

When we are fully balanced we have 100% of our energy resources available to us that is used in our automatic body functions, and as well for choice of will. When we have a surplus everything works great with lots to spare for free will; but when we are drained from stresses of life with not enough time and avenues to recuperate as fast as the drains happen, we fall into a deficit!

When we are below empty our body does not have enough to do its regular biological functions at full capacity, and energy is redirected from the lesser important to the most important body functions. When this happens, we need to recognize this and not give our energy away that we do not have. We need to learn how to communicate to others that at this time we do not have to give what they ask for. If we do not speak up we will pay the price of self resentment and our lowered immunity will open us up to illness.

Managing your vital life force energy can become difficult when our lives become unbalanced for a time. Sometimes we need help to get our energy back on track. If you are wanting to learn how to better manage your energy around work or personal relationships, click Here to get your 4 free tips on how to do this.

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