Use your fears to help you grow!

More often than not our fears limit us from doing what we want. Suppose we could instead use our fears to propel us forward into our dreams and desires. Would that be worth a bit of climbing along the way? I want to put an idea out there, which is to use our fears to be the catalyst for moving ourselves forward to experience our desires.

When we hit the wall of our fears it might as well be made of bricks, as that is what it feels like when we smack into it. It stops and limits us. If only we could get over this wall to the other side, as the life we want is patiently waiting for us over there.

Our fears are just energy of emotion and thoughts. When we hit our wall of fear, were reminded of the pain of past experiences and try to avoid experiencing that pain again. When we push away from our fears, we are actually rejecting a part of ourselves that just wants to complete it's natural cycle. When we had past experiences that were too painful to fully process, survival behaviours were created to keep us safe. The subconscious programs of these behaviours get re-enforced every time we feel something we don't like and automatically express the related avoidance behaviour designed to keep us from feeling the difficulty in the first place. Every time we do this, the energy charge of avoidance from processing the emotion builds up inside of us on many levels. Over time it becomes a stronger and stronger barricade of resistance designed to keep us safe and away from anything that makes us feel uncomfortable in that way.

The problem with this wall is that our emotions and natural ability to process them will dam up by stopping its natural flow. It will become stagnant and filled with the same old experiences from the past. It takes a lot of effort to keep these walls from letting anything by them.

I want to point awareness to the fact that there is effort either way. Effort in keeping that wall strong so nothing new can get in and cause uncomfortableness, or effort in stepping into the new and unknown of life and processing the feelings that arise as experiences happen.

How can we experience our dreams if we aren't willing to allow change to occur by putting up protective walls? All we have to do is let life be what it is in the moment and experience these feeling sensations through our body. By doing this we will find ourselves able to climb over the wall of fear. Each time we do this the wall will get smaller and easier to navigate. Pretty soon we'll know the way so well that our self confidence will power us through whatever effort and difficulty that life can send our way. We are then home free and our dreams become experienced!

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