If you want to get where you desire, you have to accept where you are!

I was once told by a friend that I was an amazing manifester. I asked what she was talking about, as all I attracted were crappy experiences that I didn't want. "Exactly" she said. I asked what that meant. She told me that because of all these negative things I was always focusing on trying to get rid of, that I became an expert in manifesting more of them back to me. I thought about that for a bit and said reluctantly "You are right!"

The Law Of Attraction seems to be a fickle thing. We work on getting into the feeling of embodying the essence of what we want to attract it in. We feel good for a bit as it seems to be working, then something goes wrong. When we are focusing on negativity it seems to work so effortlessly in attracting more of that stuff, but when it comes to the things we want, it'll work for a bit, then BAM... back to the same old crap magnet. What gives with that!

If we are always trying to get to the next place that we want instead, how can we step with any solid intention and direction long enough to achieve lasting results? It is like stepping quickly on garden stones. If we keep stepping onto the next stone before we get solid balance on the stone we were just on, we will never be with any solid structure. We will be helpless to our lack of balance and changing directions as quickly as we keep trying to regain our footing. By practicing this behaviour we will never be with our current location long enough to root in a solid direction towards our goal that we can hold for very long.

If you're always trying to quickly get somewhere else away from where you are, you will always be chasing preferred feelings and emotions to avoid other ones. You can't force or control emotions. You have to except and process them though your body awareness to first let them in to then let them go. It is like breathing. It is impossible to take in the next breath of air until you have let the current breath release to make room in your lungs for it to enter you.

When it comes to manifesting something new to replace something you don't want, it is important to first accept, allow and fully process the emotions of the current experience you have been resisting to allow space to open up and let in the new experience. Acceptance of the feelings that arise from the life experiences you don't like is the key to opening up the Law Of Attraction to ALLOW an abundance of experiences you do like. Simply put, if you can't handle and process the feelings of what you currently have going on in your life, how can you expect to handle the new kinds of feelings that will arise through the steps that are required of you to achieve your desired goals? Learning how to process these new feelings that come from change will allow your goals to fully form and take root.

This is hard work to navigate through challenging emotions and feelings that come up through making change. To help make this easier for you, I have a free 27 min Audio Visualization to stop anxious sabotaging thoughts in their tracks. Click Here for Free Audio

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