Healing the Spiritual Money/Consciousness conflict

For all you entrepreneurs out there:

How many times have you tortured yourself around NOT charging what you're worth... feeling guilty that you can't because it's Spiritual work that you do?

So you're good at what you do, and your clients are happy with the results, but a part of you ends up feeling resentful because you don't feel confident in charging enough to support the quality of life you want! Imagine you charged what you would like, and clients were happy to pay it. What if your clients were ecstatic with the service you provided, at same time valued the worth they got, happily paid you your full asking price, and referred you anyways!! How would that feel?

Have you researched the industry that you're in to compare notes to see what you are worth? What are the unique extras others in your industry provide that you don't? What are your unique gifts that sets you apart? Do you provide valuable contribution to the industry that you serve!

Being an energy person, I believe the world is how we see ourselves. If we feel that we cannot charge what we want, where is this conclusion coming from? Are your clients saying you charge more than what you are worth? Are they unhappy with your services? Do they tell others to not go to you? Or do they get results and spread the word about how great you are and come back when they need you?

If it is the latter, then I suspect that the issue is with your perceptions about yourself, not the quality of what you provide. What would it take to raise your prices to the top 3/4 end of what your field allows? Could you do that? Do you think the competition provides better worth to their clients than you do to yours? or do you think you are more than able?

Oh, but if I charged what I feel I am worth, I would loose clients! Yes that may be true, but you would also gain clients as well, the kind that better valued your service and their own worth more than the deal seekers! In doing so you will spend more time with higher quality clients and less time with headaches!

It will stretch you to raise your prices to match what you're worth, but until you do you will never get used to being worth that much, and your confidence will just keep mirroring that low belief in yourself. When you are not confident enough to charge your worth, your clients confidence in you will also match your belief. When you become confident in your higher prices, your clients will appreciate your higher level of self integrity that will support you to give a higher level of service!

How will you ever know if you are worth what you want until you make a stand and ask for it? and who would you have to become as a person to pull that off?

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Arne Pedersen

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