Pulling The Plug on Stagnation

There was a TV show some time back called Clean Sweep. They went into houses where the families that lived there had terribly bad clutter problems and the TV crew cleaned it up. They got rid of all kinds of junk, renovated and organized the rooms.

Afterwards, the Host Peter Walsh started getting letters from people whose homes they had worked on, and many reported having lost significant amounts of weight. The symbolism of this is that having let go of the clutter in their homes, their bodies let go of the extra weight they were holding onto. This phenomenon prompted him to write the book “Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat?”

Energetic displacement

When our inner world is in chaos, our outer world is impossible to keep clutter free, as our life habits simply mirror what we feel on the inside. When stuck in a rut, cleaning up our outer world can seem impossible. However, if we just force ourselves to do it anyways and let go of junk that we have held onto for years, sweeping the rooms we live in and organizing, we are actually sweeping away the clutter of our inner world. This releases stagnation from our energy fields allowing new potential to grow in its place. In other words, rather than magnetizing negative clutter into our experiences like before, by taking this action we open to attract ease, joyful experiences and expansion of new.

The same can be done in reverse if we clear the clutter from our inner world through some sort of stillness practice like meditation. In doing this, we will often find ourselves unconsciously cleaning our work or living space without even noticing we are doing it. This allows our inner peace to simply manifest it's reflection outwardly into our behaviours.

Everything is energy, and if we simply pull the plug from the sink of stagnation, it will flow out making room for new to flow in. Until the plug is pulled, the accumulation of stagnation is inevitable.

Give it a try... When you're feeling like life's stagnating, challenge yourself to clean up your living area, your closet, your vehicle and workspace and see what changes in your inner world. Let me know what your results are!

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