Food For Thought

Are you having trouble with anxiety and depressing thoughts? What you eat could be feeding the monster!

It took me a lot of years to notice this, but certain foods not only encourage more thoughts to happen, but also certain kinds of thoughts like happy or sad.

What I did was start to pay attention to the kinds of foods that I craved when I was having a stressful day. It's amazing how much food I can eat when I'm feeling a lot of emotion. I am just unconsciously stuffing myself to feel better. When I was going through some sort of trauma, my appetite for fast foods and ice-cream was unstoppable.

This always made me feel better while I was eating it, but then I started to really pay attention to the way I felt 2 hours later. My god I would feel horrible, and the negative crap in my head was even more relentless! I would feel heavy, really impatient, quick to get angry, just really negative towards everything... and I wanted to eat more! When I did this my ability to make rational heathy decisions was just out the window. I would talk myself into buying things that I didn't need, then beat myself up afterwards for doing to cause I couldn't afford it.

When I felt good and balanced for a while, I could easily pass the drive-throughs if thought and go somewhere healthy if I was hungry. I would be able to stop when I was full. I would feel energized hours later with positive motivations and thoughts.

If you're struggling with negative thoughts consuming you, I challenge you to look closely at what you consume and make a change! Look to what you go to when feeling upset, and when feeling good. Watch how you feel 2 hours after you eat and look for patterns. Make a list of what foods you crave when stressed and crappy, then what you crave when you feel balanced and good. The foods you crave when stressed, energetically match that emotion. Everything is energy and have specific patterns and frequencies.The foods that make you feel good are an energetic match for the emotion of feeling good. This is why we crave different foods when we feel different emotions.

When you have that list, and when you feel stressed or overwhelmed in negative thought, eating things from the feel good list will help energetically balance you to feel better. With some people this could make a little difference, and others a dramatic change. Yes I know it is hard to discipline ourselves to do this when we are feeling stressed, but it gets easier once we've experienced the longer duration of feeling good after we eat, as apposed to the short term 20 min high from eating what will make us feel like crap in a few hours for the rest of the day. Give it a try!

Arne Pedersen

#youarewhatyoueat #stressrelief #negativethoughts #negativeemotions #howtobepositive #positivethinking #positiveem #anxiety #anxietyrelief

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