Phobia Therapy Resources

Arne Pedersen

Registered and Certified Counselling Hypnotherapist, Victoria, B.C.

Overcoming Phobia’s: Therapy and Support

Phobias can significantly impact our lives, triggering intense fear responses that feel overwhelming and real. Yet, often, these fears stem from false perceptions within our subconscious minds, originating from past traumatic events. The subconscious mind, in its efforts to protect us, creates coping behaviours that trigger overwhelming fear to avoid similar situations that it perceives as unable to handle. However, this limits our freedom and joy, leaving us feeling trapped by irrational fears. But there is hope. By understanding the mechanisms behind phobias and adopting practical strategies, we can reclaim our freedom and joy.

Understanding Phobias:

Phobias trigger irrational fears, causing us to freeze or overreact to circumstances. For instance, encountering a snake or spider may induce a state of debilitating fear, leaving us unable to rationalize our responses. Our subconscious survival systems kick in, plunging us into full-force survival mode, even if the threat is minimal or nonexistent.

Practical Tips to Overcome Phobias:

  1. Recognize Triggers: Identify the specific triggers that elicit your phobia response. Awareness is the first step toward overcoming phobias.
  1. Practice Awareness: Regularly engage in an Awareness Practice, focusing your attention on your breathing and bodily sensations. This practice helps build the muscle of awareness, allowing you to remain present during emotional triggers.
  1. Deep Breathing: When triggered, practice deep breathing techniques. Inhale slowly and deeply, then relax and exhale fully. Deep breathing helps calm the nervous system, allowing you to regain control over your emotions.
  1. Assess the Situation: Pause and assess the situation objectively. Determine if the perceived threat is real or if it stems from past traumatic experiences re-living themselves in this the moment. Recognize that your mind may be perceiving danger where none exists.
  1. Acceptance and Release: Fully accept the feelings of discomfort and fear without resistance. Allow yourself to experience these emotions fully, as acceptance enables emotional energy to flow through and dissipate.
  1. Mindful Response: From a place of mindful awareness, choose your response to the situation. Instead of reacting impulsively, make a conscious decision based on rational assessment and self-awareness.
  1. Seek Professional Help: While these tips provide a starting point, overcoming phobias may require professional guidance. Consider therapy sessions tailored to your specific needs, such as hypnotherapy or mindfulness-based therapy.

Example: Overcoming Fear of Flying:

Consider the experience of an individual who developed a crippling fear of flying during a trip coinciding with a traumatizing divorce. Despite having flown without issue in the past, during this flight, the subconscious mind associated flying with the emotional turmoil of the divorce that was going on within the person’s mind during the trip. Even though the trip at that time went well, 20 years later when they wanted to fly on a trip again, they were triggered into overwhelming fear responses at the mere thought of flying on this current trip. The subconscious mind did not know that it was many years later, and the divorce was long complete. It did everything to keep the person from flying because it had created such a strong association at the time of the divorce. Those feelings got connected to flying, and the subconscious thought that flying would cause them to feel those devastating emotions again. Thus, a strong fear/phobia was created to keep them from flying ever again. Through targeted therapy sessions, including hypnotherapy to address the root cause of the fear, the individual was able to separate the traumatic experience of divorce from the act of flying. This allowed them to overcome their fear and experience flying again without debilitating anxiety, reclaiming their freedom and joy in the process.


Reclaiming your freedom from phobias is indeed possible with the right blend of understanding, practice, and professional support. By integrating practical tips into your daily routine and seeking therapeutic assistance, you can effectively conquer those irrational fears and open the door to a life filled with joy and fulfillment.

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