I have become aware of just how many people place their happiness on the weather. On a sunny day you will see way more smiles than on a cold and overcast day. When you ask how someone is they will comment on the amazing sunny weather with a smile, or on the rain with a frown expressing their hopes for the sun to return.

It is always now, and our happiness is only available in this very moment while we are experiencing life, but the weather is always changing, as that is the nature of life, so placing the responsibility of our happiness on it only gives our power of happiness away to it.

I am happy to just be alive in whatever weather it is, because if I waited for it to be sunny and the perfect temperature to be happy, I would be waiting a lot of the year in unhappiness, and missing the wonderful contrast that life has to offer.

Consider this the next time you find yourself wishing it was sunny rather than the way it is; are you not wishing your life away when you could be exploring life in some new way you wouldn’t have if the weather was how you wanted? You could hold onto your resistance to how the weather is, but what do you have to gain? other than an unhappy feeling that will be with you in all you do, while at the same time re-enforcing more habits of unhappiness. Has your wishing ever made the rain stop? Do you have that power? Chances are you are like me in that, that you do not have that power, but you do have the power to allow your happiness to shine through accepting life as it is, as the present moment, rain or shine, is all you got, so why not make the most of it in every precious moment!

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