Have you ever wondered just how much anxiety is limiting your life? Learn how my therapy sessions in Victoria BC can help you be anxiety free.

How is Anxiety affecting your life?

  • Are you tired of feeling anxious, tense, or having an underlined fear with nothing seemingly happening to cause it?
  • Do you feel tightness of breathing, raised heart rate, shakiness, or sweaty palms?
  • Is there often a feeling of dread or worry that something is going to go wrong?
  • Do you feel something is sabotaging your efforts when you try to make positive changes?
  • Or maybe maybe things on the outside seem like they are going well, but on the inside you never feel anything is good enough no mater what you achieve.

Have you done some personal growth work so far, but just don’t know what your next steps are?

  • What is going on in your life that led you to be reading this?
  • How much time have you spent trying to find solutions, but something is still holding you back or sabotaging your progress?
  • How much of your life do you arrange around fears and uncomfortable feelings?
  • How is the way you are feeling effecting your life?

… Now imagine your life with these gone!

  • What could you do that you couldn’t before? 
  • What might that feel like?
  • Who could you be? 
  • How would your life be different?

I am here to help you find that out!

These things holding you back are NOT THE REAL YOU, they are just old beliefs and habitual programs running in your subconscious mind that were formed from past experiences, and the GOOD NEWS is, that ALL unhealthy beliefs and habits CAN be changed into healthier ones, and I would love to help you do that!

If you have been experiencing the life limiting challenges I mentioned above and want to be free of them, are motivated, and ready, then you have come to the right place!

Let’s get started with a Free 1 hour Consultation

This consultation will be through zoom video where you can be in the comfort of your home, not having to worry about parking or going anywhere.

We can talk a bit to get to know each other

This is a safe place, completely confidential, where you can share what is going on for you, talk about your goals, and I will ask you questions to explore what may be the root cause that is holding you back from achieving them. We can then talk about the therapy process, how it works, and what this would look like for you.

You can ask any questions that you would like



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I look forward to hearing from you!

– Arne

My name is Arne Pedersen, I’m a Hypnotherapist, energy healer, a mindfulness/spiritual teacher, and love helping people.

You see, I have been there myself through years of struggling with almost 25 years of social anxiety, low self confidence, panic attacks, and years of chronic pain in my back that I thought would never heal. I was constantly in a state of overwhelm. 

Once I realized that I was able to change these old limiting beliefs, behaviours, and the anxious and fearful feelings, my life began to change for the better. I found therapists who were able to help me. I then trained in the modalities that worked for me, and started seeing clients. I then created and facilitated self-empowerment and healing through mindfulness workshops. Over the years the way I worked with clients evolved into a very clear system that works very well for people who are motivated to create healthy changes in their lives, but struggle with knowing what the right steps are. I realized that the healing, personal growth, and spiritual transformation I went through could not have happened without me seeking help from others who had been there and knew the way. It is ok to ask for help, as we cant do everything ALL on our own!

My training, memberships & designations:

  • Horizon School of Hypnotherapy – Certified Hypnotherapist IMDHA CHt.
  • Association of Registered Clinical Hypnotherapists of Canada – Registered Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist (RCCH)
  • Canadian Association of Counselling Hypnotherapists and Educators – Registered Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist (RCCH)
  • Two years of in-depth Energy Healing training from the Chelaume Healing Arts Centre

Here’s What A Few Past Clients Have to Say

“I suffered from major depression, anxiety, and acute osteoarthritis of my right foot which prevented me from any physical activity other than walking. At the time I was in and out of school because of my situation – walking to the bus to get to school was very painful. I didn’t know what to do. I was seeing many doctors and rheumatologist all who told me to take Tylenol for arthritis pain as well as not to do any physical exercise until the flare-ups die down. This pain was occurring almost two years prior to this point. It was an unending battle that spiralled me down into a nervous, anxious and depressed wreck. It was affecting my heath and life so much that I wanted it to end. This arthritis and depression was severely affecting my relationships. I almost gave up but I decided to keep going and seek help in other unconventional places. That’s when I did a google search and found Arne’s website for hypnotherapy. I knew nothing of hypnotherapy but the website looked promising and I was desperate to try something new. I am so glad I decided to try something new because still to this day it has changed my life for the better. Not only was Arne able to lift my depression and anxiety but miraculously my pain and swelling went down so much that it didn’t bother me! This was something I did not believe even possible. I was able to finish school and have a normal life again. The arthritis is still there, and yes, I do have some bad days but it is nothing like it used to be. I’ve learned so much from his work and grew exponentially from this experience. I know now that anything IS possible. I highly recommend Arne as he is gifted in his work. It is very clear that he cares deeply about his clients and truly wants to help people. Thank you Arne for giving my life back to me. I’m forever grateful.

“Before I went to Arne, I was having trouble sleeping and I was suffering from stress and anxiety headaches. Approximately half way through the set of sessions I began to notice a definite change in my sleep patterns and my headaches seemed less frequent. Arne has such a positive, calm and reassuring energy, I found working with him very easy and quite beneficial. Together we set goals on how I could work on letting go of my old patterns and develop new patterns that better fit my lifestyle. I meditated for the first time, I was pleased and surprised. Arne has a sincere and genuine approach and he has great listening skills. I continue to work with the tools I developed and I am happy with the results.

Thank you,

“My sessions with Arne and attending his workshops have been so helpful in a number of ways. He helped me tremendously in preparing my mind and body for surgery over 2 years ago and then in recovering from the surgery. The sessions allowed me to go through a stressful experience with much more ease and grace. I have also found Arne’s hypnotherapy and energy work sessions to be of immense benefit in releasing oneself from old patterns and limitations. His workshops are full of information and also provide opportunities to experience the techniques he teaches. Arne is very sensitive and highly skilled in working with his clients and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for physical, mental/emotional, and/or spiritual growth.
Anne O’Neil”

Do you like what you are hearing?

Do you want to feel better in some area of your life?

But are not quite ready to move forward with sessions?

If this is you, then I have just the right thing to help you get started at feeling more empowered, and you can do this right in the comfort of your own home!

Here is the link to my Freedom Through Mindfulness starter program

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 It is seven videos that will help you to learn how to let go of anxiety, with simple mindfulness tools, processes, and an understanding of how the mind can cause anxiety and limit our happiness and success

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“How much of your energy and self-confidence is robbed by negative thinking, anxiety, and self sabotage, and holding you back from the things that matter the most to you?”