The Therapy Modalities I Use

Arne Pedersen

Registered and Certified Counselling Hypnotherapist, Victoria, B.C.

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How does Hypnotherapy Work?

To understand how hypnotherapy can help us to let go of blocks and unhappiness and tap into the highest and happiest versions of ourselves, we need to first talk about the subconscious vs conscious mind.

Did you know your Conscious Mind accounts for only 5-10% of your potential mind power? and it is responsible for…

  • Logical thinking/planning
  • Concept of time
  • Short term memory (24-48 hours)
  • Willpower/choice

The conscious mind is where your willpower resides, where you contemplate what you want, what is best for you, and then set goals for the new direction. The problem is that your survival systems are the job of the subconscious mind and as a result it can rapidly overrule and sabotage any conscious goals/desires you have if it perceives your wanted changes to be a threat in some way.


This is a downloadable Hypnotherapy session to help let go of anxiety, stress and worry

Hypnotherapy is a very safe and enjoyable therapeutic tool I use to help you make the positive changes in your life that you desire

Think about that for a minute. If you’ve been attempting to make changes in an unhappy area of your life for something that you prefer, and you’re doing so from your conscious mind by willpower alone, you’re working against an uphill battle. This is because the subconscious supports what it knows and is familiar with, so when you change a habit for something new and unknown this will often trigger subconscious survival systems to keep you from changing. The subconscious is completely irrational so it does not understand what is good for you or not, it just runs the familiar programs that it currently has in your long term memory, and usually sees change as a threat because it is not familiar with it. No wonder you’re exhausted and wondering “what the heck!?”

Here’s the thing…

Your Subconscious Mind accounts for 90-95% of your minds processing power and is responsible for:

  • Anything illogical
  • Long term memory of life experiences
  • Belief systems/values
  • Perceptions of reality
  • Habits/behaviours and relationship patterns
  • Self worth, self esteem & confidence
  • Creativity/imagination
  • Emotions/feelings
  • Involuntary body functions
  • Protection/survival systems
  • Reactive mind (relative to beliefs, perceptions, and survival)

Willpower Is Not Enough to Make a Change when the subconscious has a different agenda!

If the subconscious has a conflicting belief and perceives the change is a threat in some way it will most likely keep you from succeeding by triggering fear, anxiety, negative thoughts, and uncomfortable emotions to keep you safely away.

Have you ever set out to start a new healthier habit, and it’s going great for a bit with good intentions, but then all the sudden you feel sabotaged and can’t seem to follow through? Then what follows is you beat yourself up thinking you just don’t have enough willpower to follow through long enough. You end up thinking you are not good enough and feel bad about yourself.

But here’s what’s really happening; your subconscious mind is overriding your willpower to keep you safe by keeping change from happening. Your subconscious mind is in the business of protecting you from vulnerabilities, such as the scary feelings that can come up through steeping out of your comfort zone with a new experience. And while you can appreciate the reason, it’s holding you back from your full potential by trying to keep you the way you are.

Your subconscious mind is in the business of protecting you from vulnerabilities.

The subconscious is like a tape recorder, which has no rational thought, contemplation, or opinion of its own. It simply perceives our current experience through comparison of how it categorized past experiences as either good or bad with how we felt about them. It will try to stop you from doing anything that triggers the feelings from that “bad” category. It is often a totally illogical/irrational process, like wanting to learn something new that requires taking classes, but because you had a traumatizing experience way back in middle school where you felt ridiculed, your subconscious remembers that terrible feeling again and will try and keep you from the new classes. The Subconscious has no concept of time, so if the old experience was left unresolved and you still have that old fear, even if it was 30 years ago, this could be enough for your subconscious to trigger unconscious reactions that sabotage your new desired efforts. It can manifest as anxiety and fears about going, make you late, or forget what day it is and miss class, or convince you to quit. The subconscious is your creative mind and can come up with very believable tactics to undermine any possibility of you being vulnerable in a classroom environment ever again.

New beliefs can be created at any time in our lives, but first we need to understand how beliefs were created in the first place before we can understand how to change them.

Our core belief structure was created during pre-teen years, where our whole sense of personal identity and how we see ourselves fitting into life was adapted to support us in our life circumstances so we could survive and thrive in our perceived environment.

Incidentally, if we grew up in an environment where we were not supported in expressing our emotions in healthy ways or experienced any unresolved traumas that undermined self acceptance and confidence, our baseline belief structure would have a lot of negative self perceptions and survival coping behaviours. These could show up as feeling not good enough, being a people-pleaser, having low self esteem or self worth, low self confidence, an over or under achiever fearing failure or success.

Our subconscious mind simply expresses the feelings of these negative experiences into negative self-talk which become strong neural patterns that habitually fire the same way in our brain

The Subconscious And Survival Mode

There could be no threat at all in the moment, but when we spend long periods of time with negative self perceptions we can get stuck in the fight or flight stress state where we continually feel life is unsupportive to us. When the danger/self protection button is pressed, our subconscious mind sends all available energy to deal with the threat. When survival mode is stuck on for long periods this uses a lot of energy and really taxes us on all levels creating more stress because we are now significantly out of balance.

So it goes to say… if there are conflicting beliefs in the 90-95% subconscious mind power, with a new goal our 5-10% of the conscious mind power (where our willpower is) will always be overruled!

Tapping into the highest and happiest versions of ourselves has very little to do with willpower!

Fortunately, just like old technology like the tape recorder, when we decide we do not like the old song anymore that has been playing on that tape for years, we can simply record a new “program” over the old one. This is exactly what we can do with the subconscious mind through the process of Hypnotherapy.

As a Hypnotherapist I create a comfortable environment to help you relax into a lower brainwave state called Theta. This is pretty much a guided relaxation meditation, but with a therapeutic intention of your goals. When we relax into that lower theta brainwave state the subconscious mind is now accessible and open to integrate new information that is given to it, such as more supportive beliefs that are aligned with our current goals.

The reason positive affirmations that we repeat over and over to ourselves do not usually work is because we are doing this from the conscious mind, which not only operates from the fully wide awake beta brainwave state, but from a different language of logic than the subconscious mind. In other words, to get new information into the subconscious mind we need to not only speak its language of feeling and imagination, but we also have to lower our brainwave state down to a deeply relaxed theta frequency where the SC operates from. This is kind of like adjusting the tuner of the radio down to the frequency of the station we want to listen to, otherwise it cannot connect to the station where the songs we want are playing.

If you want to get to the bottom of why you can’t move past blocks and feelings of unhappiness, using Hypnotherapy to collaborate with your subconscious mind is an incredible method to help you achieve your goals.

IMAGINE how much more quickly you could accomplish your life, relationship, spiritual, career goals and dreams with your subconscious minds creative power supporting you rather than sabotaging!

It’s an empowering feeling to take action with something that is important to you!

Book your free consultation with me today. I am really looking forward to meeting with you!


What is Mindfulness and how can it benefit us?

If something in our life is not working, be it unhappiness, pain, or issues of some sort, in order to resolve it we need to first be able to understand the process of how the problems are occurring before we can create a successful solution. Mindfulness is simply building paying attention skills to be able to be present with life on all levels as it is occurring (thoughts, body sensations, feelings, emotions, and the environment) so we can see the bigger picture of what is going on to then respond accordingly.

Mindfulness Helps Us Achieve Our Goals

If we want to achieve specific goals then mindfulness is very important because our point of power to make deliberate change is ONLY in the present moment. If we are not present, how can we be aware of how our actions are limiting our results or what the best next steps are? When we are not aware we cannot see the bigger picture to learn what is going on to assess how to take purposeful action to best support our desired goals. This is because when we are not mindfully present with what we are doing on enough levels our automatic subconscious habits, thoughts, and beliefs will be running our behaviours by default, including our manifesting power.

As the old saying goes, “If you keep doing what you have always done, you will keep getting what you have always got.”


22 min downloadable audio sample of my Freedom Through Mindfulness Audio Program

Included with our sessions together, so you have a productive structure to follow at home between sessions

Mindfulness Starts With The Body

Body awareness is the start of mindfulness because the connection with our physical body is how we not only experience the physical world, but is also the antenna that picks up signals from it to communicate where we are in the moment relative to where we want to go. It is a feedback system between our inner and outer experience of life that will guide us within harmony and growth if we are tuned into it. Have you ever heard the saying “Follow your heart”? Our heart is the central intelligence mediator that will guide you in your life purpose, because it is the bridge between your higher self/spirit and your physical body experience/expression of life. Your heart knows, but it takes paying attention skills and self discipline to be able to hear and follow it.

Awareness Practice Builds Mindfulness

I help people learn how to connect deeper with what they feel and to see and understand on all levels why they do what they do which expands their mind/body/spirt connection. Not only do I teach simple tools and processes to cultivate deeper mindfulness skills, I also help them to see the larger picture of how their mental and emotional ways of experiencing life are a big part of how they perceive themselves and what they believe they can and cannot do. This is a process of first recognizing limiting beliefs, habits and thoughts that hold them back, next is learning how to let them go, and then to create a more supportive belief structure that is aligned and very supportive with their goals.

Mindfulness Means More Happiness

The more present, accepting, and loving we are with ourselves and how we feel, the more curious, excited, and motivated we are with life. When we have discontinued doing things to numb ourselves away from unhappy emotions, or the uncomfortableness of having to do things we do not want, or disappointment with things not going our way, suddenly life begins to open up with amazing new possibilities. This is because when we stop saying no to life or to how we feel and start accepting, allowing, and experiencing what “IS” in the moment from the inside out, life suddenly becomes our friend to the same proportion we have said YES with it!

It is amazing what we can do when we get out of our own way, or how much more we can enjoy the unexpected things life can bring us when we are saying yes to the moment instead of no!


Emotionally Focused Therapy is to learn how to fully reconnect with and process through what we feel.

To make better sense of this think of it this way. Our parents did the best they could, however they were only operating from their past experiences of how they were raised and how they learned how to process through their experiences. During our childhood, if they were not able to support us enough to learn how fully accept, experience and express what we were feeling, then instead of becoming confident in ourselves with what we did and felt, we would have instead learned subconscious coping strategies to help us push away all the difficult emotions that we could not deal with. This would have included trying to resist all the experiences that triggered these difficult emotions.

If we learned to push away what we felt rather that accept, experience and process it, then we would have learned NON-acceptance of how we felt and who we were on the inside. In other words, we would have learned the habit of NOT accepting ourselves. Without accepting what we feel and not being able to express it in healthy ways, we could not have learned true self confidence, self worth, self esteem, and self love. Instead we would have formed beliefs such as:

  • I am not good enough
  • I am a bad person
  • I am unworthy

Being afraid or unable to express the real you and what you feel causes us to push these painful emotions away, but where do they go? They build up in our psyche, cellular memory, and energy field and when life gets overly stressful to deal with they get triggered and resurface too much at once overwhelming us with the expression of emotional imbalances such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Panic attacks
  • Negative thoughts
  • Feelings of shame or depression

If unresolved emotional imbalances are left for too long they can eventually manifest into physical symptoms and even disease. In a way these painful experience of the imbalances are just our body trying to get our attention to let us know we need to make some changes to re-align back to harmony.

Emotionally focused therapy is to simply re-build the core foundation that was build on NON-acceptance, into one of Self Acceptance, by learning how to be with and process what we feel. Once we learn how to be with what we feel we can then discontinue the old subconscious coping strategies that were created to help us avoid what we felt at all cost. Now life opens up to a freedom we have never felt before because in all the new goals we choose to do, we can now allow, experience and process whatever emotions and feelings arising through stepping out of our comfort zone doing the new thing. This is ‘Freedom Through Mindfulness‘ and why I named my mindfulness program after that title.

Through the Emotionally Focused Therapy process I will help you to build the skills to be able to:

  • See and understand how and why these old limiting beliefs, perceptions, and coping behaviours happened and how they helped your well being at the time when you were not supported or encouraged enough in the ways you needed at the time
  • Learn the ability to be with what you feel, so you can process through it in a healthy way, rather than push it down to eventually have it react up to the surface in unhealthy ways
  • Build a solid new foundation where you have become emotionally competent, so that you feel confidently able to be with whatever you feel in what ever you do
  • Connect with and cultivate the real you on the inside and be able to express it with confidence through your voice and actions

How do limiting beliefs get created?

Most of these limiting beliefs got into your subconscious mind through emotionally challenging experiences you had when growing up.

Most of us had parents who loved us and did the best they could with what they knew, but this does not mean that their parenting style was the best way to support our individual needs to grow into our most confident and happy selves. Unresolved childhood traumas can happen at home from unintentional events from loving parents, from abusive parents living out their unresolved childhood traumas, or at school and other places from adults or bully’s.

If you did not get enough:

  • Loving patience and attention you needed
  • Acceptance for who you were, rather than your parents expecting you to be their way
  • Acknowledgement with appreciation, rather than treated like you were a burden
  • Positive support in learning new things, rather than being judged or belittled
  • Encouragement to follow your inner compass, rather than pushed towards others unrealistic expectations
  • Appropriate loving affection and touch, rather than abusive or no touch at all.
  • Support through your emotions when you felt sad or scared, rather than told how you should or shouldn’t feel
  • Support when you were excited, rather than suppressed down because the noises of being a kid bothered others

Then chances are you learned from a very young age that being who you are and expressing what you really felt was NOT SAFE and took on beliefs such as:

  • Not good enough
  • Not worthy
  • A bad person
  • Everything is your fault…

And you learned to abandon your own needs, feelings and true self to try to:

  • Be loved and accepted
  • Be perfect to not get into trouble
  • Avoid unwanted attention by keeping quiet and small
  • Rebelled and made noise because bad attention was better than none

When TOO MUCH happens to us than we are able to manage (particularly when its from the people who are supposed to support us through our emotional challenges, like our parents) then our subconscious survival systems kick in and disconnect us from the uncomfortable feelings in our body into coping behaviours because its just too much to process.

This is how we coped and survived through the difficulties, but when these survival systems were prolonged over time, negative byproducts began to result.

  • We learned to disconnect from body feelings, healthy needs and intuition
  • We learned to disconnect from our real self in favour of the false survival identity
  • We got stuck living life in fearful thoughts rather than from our body/hearts guidance
  • We got into the habit of masking who we really are and what we really feel
  • Stress became a normal every day thing because Fight or Flight got stuck in the ON position

If these things happened, no wonder we have stress, anxiety, negative thoughts, lack of confidence, lack of self acceptance, don’t feel good enough or afraid to put ourselves out there… because from the way we were treated at those times we of course took on the belief that we are not good enough and didn’t matter… what else could we have concluded from that!

The truth is that our suffering is caused by all the years of trying to be something or someone that we were not. Whenever we were pushed to meet unrealistic expectations, we learned to abandon who we really were and took on the false beliefs that we were not good enough, not worthy, or a bad person. These beliefs are very traumatizing and it takes a lot of energy and effort to continuously maintain the disconnection from our body feelings and real self!

Subconscious Programs and Survival Systems

These subconscious beliefs and programs are not bad, in fact they are good, because they did a good job at helping you survive through challenging times when you never had enough support to healthily process through them… but these programs just do not know that their job was completed long ago… and that they can help us now by instead putting all that energy into your current goals and life circumstances.

It is like a big company that used to make a popular product that became absolute, so the company started making a new product that was more appropriate to the current times. A memo was sent to all the departments to make the appropriate changes for this new product. Unfortunately one department did not get this memo, so for years it just kept doing the same job it has always done, thinking they were doing really great! One day the CEO was trying to assess why productivity was always feeling limited no matter how hard they worked, and he discovered that one department was always holding them back. Once this department was told “Thank you for doing such a good job with that old product, but now we would like to show you our new product and business goals”, and then supported to let go of the old product procedures and shown the new processes, they caught on and the business quickly became a big success!


Who are you beneath all your thoughts and memories of what you have done in your past? What is the driving force that animates life through your body? What motivates you to let go of unhappiness and instead seek dreams, fulfillment and joy?

Living by our souls calling is a whole different ball game from living by automatic default of how you were told, taught, or pushed into being. Living by our soul means being willing to learn how to accept ourselves with unconditional love when the voice in our head is hating everything about who we are as we look into the mirror.

Walking a spiritual path may look something like:

  • A willingness to learn how to be with what you feel and meet all that arises
  • The desire to peel off all the layers of false perceptions of who you thought you were, based on habitual thinking, others expectations, and who you thought you were relative to your past
  • Not able to stifle yourself anymore with a deep need to speak up and say what is needed
  • The desire to let go of who you have always known yourself to be to follow the guidance of your heart and inner calling
  • The desire to let go of the belief that it is other people and things that hold your happiness, and to take on the responsibility to cultivate it from within
  • To finally choose to let go of trying to control life, and open your hands to faith and trust that you are a part of a bigger source, that if you just listen, it will guide you with exactly what to do when you need to do it

There comes a point in many peoples lives where they realize that they have spent their whole life trying so hard to be something that they are not and that they just can’t do this to themselves anymore!

This may look like:

  • Wearing a mask hiding who they really are
  • Always trying to fit into
  • Act unauthentically trying to be liked or accepted
  • Afraid to put themselves out there and never do anything truly fulfilling
  • Push themselves so hard trying to succeed enough to finally feel good enough
  • Keep giving themselves away in relationships hoping they will finally be loved
  • Maybe just living a seemingly perfect life with everything but something is just missing

Either way, there something from within that won’t stop calling out that they need to make a change, or a lot of changes!

Living by our souls calling is a whole different ball game from living by automatic default of how you were told, taught, or pushed into being. Living by our soul means being willing to learn how to accept ourselves with unconditional love when the voice in our head is hating everything about who we are as we look into the mirror.

Being willing to do whatever it takes to keep walking towards the direction our inner voice inside us is telling us to take and picking ourselves back up each time we fall, regardless of what other people or the negative voice in our head is saying, takes a true spiritual warrior. To be willing to do our best to notice ourselves doing something that doesn’t feel right and to take the time to contemplate what we could do differently that would feel better is hard enough, but to follow the new insight by taking action often seems impossible and beyond human capacity. Each time we fall we have an opportunity to take in a few deep breaths, get back up, and then ask for guidance of “What now” once again, we have just learned to love ourselves a little bit more. Over time this will build such a strong foundation that no wind or storm can take you away to loose yourself ever again!

What does it mean to walk a spiritual path?

A spiritual path is not always easy, but it is more worth it than anything we can ever do. We are simply learning how to love and accept ourselves exactly as we are, and when we do that, we cannot anymore do things that hurt ourselves. From this place there is just something within us that knows what is ok and what is not, and when we listen, and act in alignment from this inner voice, we will then treat others and the planet from this same level of loving acceptance and kindness. When we do something that does not feel right, we will find the time to truly account what our actions were, how they effected ourselves or others, what our motivations for doing it were, and then be kind to ourselves when the voice in our head tries to make us feel bad about it. When we take action with what feels right from what we have just learned we feel great about ourselves. When we find ourselves too challenged and fall back into old ways we see ourselves doing it and find a way to forgive all the bad stuff we just said about ourselves and keep refining the process. Either way, when we get to a certain point on a spiritual path we realize it does not matter how well we do, but only that we care enough to keep growing and learning new ways to love ourselves through the wonderful experiences life gifts to us when we are open and willing.

It is very difficult to walk a spiritual path alone with all the unexpected challenges that will arise along the way, which is why it is very important to ask for help along the way from others who have been there themselves.

I help people to navigate this spiritual journey to re-connect with the wisdom that resides within their own heart. I help with simple mindfulness tools to navigate through setbacks and distractions that inevitably come up when we undergo such changes in our lives. If you have read this and my words resonate with you, know this; on a spiritual journey there comes a time when we just cannot go back to the old unconscious ways of the past, that it just becomes a part of you, to be filled with such amazement for who you have become and such excitement for who you are ever becoming!

There is a point where doing this spiritual/personal growth work is not anymore something you do, but it is just not in your nature anymore to do otherwise!

When we are not focusing on our internal wisdom/instruction manual within our heart, instead looking/seeking for happiness outside ourselves, how could we ever find it! And that is like misplacing our car keys inside our house, but insisting to go outside to look for them. We simply will never find them that way!

When our eyes are looking outside ourselves for ourself that is already within, we cannot ever see if by looking away. We will only see projections of unhappiness being created for the SOUL purpose of the stress to motivate us to finally look within where the whole point is, and our only true point of power.

I am honoured to be a part of your journey, and in doing so you become a part of mine as we create a new world where we can all live free from judgement and fear, for when we have freed ourselves from these limiting perceptions from within, we then hold space for others to do the same!


Modern quantum science has proven that everything is energy and that the only thing that separates energy and matter is frequency and rates of vibration. Albert Einstein proved this long ago through his equation: E = mc2. I am going to use the language of science to describe what energy healing is and how we can use it to support our mind and body to realign back to its natural state of ease and harmony.

If you cut your finger your body somehow knows how to heal back to its proper state, but not like someone else’s finger, back to your finger. We all have a baseline energetic blueprint of our perfect balanced state of health that right from conception grew us into the unique physical form and personality that we know as ourselves. When our system, mind/body/spirit are fully balanced we are aligned with this energetic map of perfect health; but when one of these systems becomes out of balance long enough it will disrupt all the other systems and cause disarray. This out of balance state can become our new balance, which is misaligned from our natural blueprint.

There was a study done many years ago with Kirlian Photography, where the energy of something could be photographed. The energy aura of a raw vegetable was far more vibrant than a cooked one. When part of the vegetable was removed, the photograph showed the energy field encompassing the remaining parts, but as well there was still an aura where the removed part was that showed the energy blueprint of its whole form. This highly suggests that we do have an energy signature, and that even if a limb is lost, someone can still feel the phantom sensations as though it is still there. Energy healing is tapping into the information of this baseline energy blueprint to help the recipient to balance the issue they are experiencing.

How does this happen, and how can Energy Healing re-align us back to health? I first need to paint a picture to help it make sense.

If you take a rock and drop it into the water it will make a wave pattern that you can see rippling out. This is a visible energy wave, which is the energetic pattern and frequency of its displacement expressing itself through the water, just like an invisible radio wave that a transmitter sends to your radio receiver. If you turn your radio on and tune into the frequency that is being broadcasted, you can hear it. It is an up and down wave of energy just like the wave in the water from dropping the rock. If you want to listen to a different radio station you simply tune the receiver up or down to allow a higher or lower frequency to be picked up. If you want to make the radio sound louder, you turn up the volume, which is called amplitude, and increasing the power of that particular frequency. Now with the wave in the water, if you drop a larger rock it will displace more water and make a larger wave that is of more power.

So how can we relate this simple science to our body, mind and health?

If you are feeling happy, and someone in a negative mood comes by and won’t stop talking about all their negative stuff, you may feel your happy mood slipping away and feel drained and unhappy. If it is the opposite, where someone comes by and you resonate with them and click with like minded conversation you will feel your energy expand into more enjoyment.

How does this happen?

With the negative experience where you are really misaligned with the persons energy and you get drained, this is called a destructive interference pattern. With the person you really resonate with and your energy expands with joy, this is called a constructive interference pattern. To give you a picture of how this happens I will use the example of dropping the rock in the water.

The rock that you dropped in the water creates a visible wave pattern of energy that is expressing its frequency of the displacement through the water. Lets say the wave that results is 2 inches tall and if you drop another rock in the water that is exactly the same size at exactly the same time it will create an identical wave that is also two inches tall. Because the rocks were dropped at the same time and are of the same size and mass, the resulting waves will be completely in sync and in harmony with each other. The two wave patterns meeting place creates an interference pattern as they interact with one another. Because they are perfectly in tune with each other they will add together each others energy, increasing amplitude to becoming 4″ tall (2″ + 2” = 4″). This is called a constructive interference pattern, because you are in sync with someone in conversation and your excited energy is compatible with theirs so it increases in power by taking on each others positive vibes.

If you instead drop the rocks into the water at different times, when the waves meet if one is on the top of the up cycle (positive 2”) and the other is on the bottom of its down cycle (negative 2”), they are completely out of phase, and the power of 2” subtracted by the power of negative 2” = 0 and the waves will cancel each others energy out and the water will go flat. This is what happens to your energy when a person talking about something negative brings your positive energy down because it is not aligned. This is called a destructive interference pattern.

Now how does this relate to our health?

Your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body all vibrate at different frequencies of energy patterns. When you are in balance they are all connected and communicating together as a team to maintain perfect balance that is aligned with your baseline energy blueprint of perfect health, the part of you I talked about earlier that when you cut your finder it knows how to direct your body back to your fingers fully healed state. Each system in your body on all levels of mind/body/spirit are designed to function in sync with each other, which facilitates constructive interference patterns with each other to create and expand the energy it needs to fuel you with an abundance if vitality and growth on all levels. This is called homeostasis.

When something is bothering you and you’re dwelling on it, or you get stuck in something that you feel unhappy about, or your body is not getting its physical needs met or is injured, your systems become out of sync with each other and activate the sympathetic nervous system, which is otherwise known as Fight or Flight or Freeze. Fight or flight is meant to be short term to divert all energy to surviving and then resume homeostasis (growth, regeneration and creativity) as soon as possible. However, when our body is in survival mode too long our systems become out of balance and it is like dropping the rocks in the water out of sync with each other which creates destructive interference patterns and canceling each others energy out. Because all our main body systems are now diverting energy to survival they cannot maintain balance, growth, or communication within your system as a whole, which becomes disorder that leads to destructive interference patterns between these systems. If it does not get resolved soon enough this can become an unhealthy program within our nervous system turning into subconscious habits, beliefs, and perceptions that are aligned with life not being safe and supportive to us, which becomes a vicious snowball cycle.

Being that everything is energy, then we can use our mind with healing intention to channel high frequency energy into another person, whether if be in person or at any distance. This is called Energy Healing. Energy flows where your attention goes, which I am sure you can relate to by how you feel when you get stuck focusing on positive or negative thinking for some time. When the energy practitioner has set a clear intention for drawing in healing universal energy and open up their body to become a conduit, they can channel this energy into the energy systems of another person. Since our systems as a whole are inherently designed to be balanced and in harmony with one another, this positive healing energy being channeled creates constructive interference patterns that are in sync with the recipients baseline blueprint of health and harmony, and their energy begins to expand and entrain back into the order and harmony of their natural blueprint again in their energy body. You could look at it as simply giving the energy body of the recipient a flashlight so they can clearly see their own map (baseline blueprint) again to find their way back to harmony.

Energy healing helps to re-align the energy systems of the recipients body to experience the natural state of balance again, which will help them to more easily make and maintain the changes in their life on the physical, mental and emotional levels that will support long term balance.

As I have said before, the key to our health is within. I simply help people to re-align back to this inner wisdom that knows what to do, but it is up to you to choose to follow the life changes that are given by your inner wisdom and guidance!

Now that you have a clear picture of how energy healing works, how can I use it to help you through video sessions?

Through hypnotherapy and guided meditations, I will support you to open up your creative mind as I walk you through the energy healing sessions as visualizations in your mind. This will not only give you the benefits of the energy healing during the session, but as well you will learn through the experience how to do self energy healing on your own. I will also talk and support you to learn productive energy healing techniques to create a regular energy healing/self care routine that will best support your goals.


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Anxiety can diminish our quality of life, hindering joy and spontaneity. At our practice, we offer comprehensive therapy services to help you regain control and find happiness again. Our approach integrates counselling hypnotherapy, mindfulness techniques, and energy healing visualizations to foster mind-body balance. By understanding the root causes of anxiety and implementing practical strategies, we empower you to overcome irrational fears, worries, and negative thoughts. Together, we embark on a journey toward holistic healing and growth. More Tips & Helpful Info

Holistic Support for Panic Attacks

Panic attacks can greatly diminish quality of life, but I offer support to help you reclaim joy. My approach involves understanding the root causes and providing practical tools for healing. Through personalized therapy sessions blending counselling hypnotherapy, and mindfulness, we address past traumas and cultivate healthier coping mechanisms. Additionally, I offer self-help tips and comprehensive therapy services to promote resilience and inner peace. Explore how my modalities can help you overcome panic attacks and find lasting relief. More Tips & Helpful Info

Stress Management Therapy

Discover effective strategies to manage stress and reclaim your inner peace with our holistic approach to therapy. Stress accumulates from life’s challenges, overwhelming our ability to cope. We offer personalized support, combining mindfulness, counseling hypnotherapy, and mindfulness-based solutions to address stressors. Explore practical tips and therapeutic techniques to navigate stress with resilience and grace. Start your journey from stress to inner calm today. More Tips & Helpful Info

Transform Your Confidence with Expert Therapy

Transforming low self-confidence is vital for a fulfilling life. Discover practical strategies and compassionate guidance to reclaim your inner strength and build unshakable confidence. Learn to understand the root causes of low self-confidence and embrace your emotions to cultivate resilience. Take the first step towards greater confidence and self-worth, and explore practical tips and techniques to navigate stress with confidence. More Tips & Helpful Info

Therapy for Intrusive Thoughts

Intrusive thoughts can disrupt our lives, causing stress and self-doubt. They stem from deep-seated beliefs and often manifest during moments of stress. Our approach involves awareness practices, mindfulness, identifying limiting beliefs, self-compassion, reflecting on achievements, and meditation. Our comprehensive therapy delves into your unique experiences and beliefs to develop tailored strategies for lasting change. More Tips & Helpful Info

Building Self-Esteem through Therapy

Discover how therapy can empower you to overcome low self-esteem and embrace a life filled with confidence and self-worth. Uncover the roots of low self-esteem, develop self-awareness, and learn strategies to step outside your comfort zone and embrace growth. With personalized therapy sessions, you can navigate past experiences, reframe perspectives, and cultivate a resilient mindset. Take the first step towards a happier, more confident you. More Tips & Helpful Info

PTSD Therapy Services

Discover expert PTSD therapy services tailored to guide you through reclaiming joy and emotional well-being. Learn about the intricacies of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and effective strategies to navigate its effects. From managing symptoms to fostering self-compassion, find practical support and compassionate guidance on your healing journey. More Tips & Helpful Info

ADHD Therapy Services: Practical Strategies for Thriving

ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, can disrupt daily life, leading to challenges in focus and task completion. Our ADHD therapy services offer practical strategies to regain control and thrive. Learn how mindfulness, balanced routine, and emotional resilience can empower you to manage ADHD effectively. Explore personalized guidance from experienced therapists to address your unique needs and reclaim your life. More Tips & Helpful Info

OCD Therapy Overview

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) can profoundly affect daily life, characterized by intrusive thoughts and repetitive behaviors. Rooted in past overwhelming experiences, OCD often stems from subconscious coping mechanisms. Understanding these mechanisms is crucial for effective treatment strategies. Tips for managing OCD include education, trigger identification, mindfulness practices, and challenging negative thoughts. Professional therapy, including hypnotherapy and mindfulness techniques, is essential for long-term recovery. Consistency and support are key in overcoming OCD. Explore our modalities to learn how we address OCD and support your journey to healing. More Tips & Helpful Info

Overcoming Phobias and Fears

Phobias can disrupt life with overwhelming fear responses rooted in past traumas. Understanding the subconscious mechanisms behind phobias is crucial for overcoming them. Practical tips include recognizing triggers, practicing awareness, deep breathing, objective assessment of situations, acceptance, and seeking professional help like hypnotherapy or mindfulness-based therapy. With targeted therapy, individuals can separate traumatic experiences from triggers, reclaiming freedom and joy. More Tips & Helpful Info

Spiritual Counselling: Unlock Your Inner Essence

Embark on a transformative journey of spiritual growth with our counseling hypnotherapy services. Discover the essence of your authentic self through mindfulness, self-reflection, and inner guidance. Cultivate gratitude, embrace soul-nourishing practices, and seek supportive community. Begin your path to self-discovery, empowerment, and inner peace today. More Tips & Helpful Info

Therapy and Support for Dissociative Disorders

Unlock the path to healing from Dissociative Disorders with our expert therapy. Dissociative Disorders can disrupt every aspect of life, causing disconnection and confusion. Our approach addresses the core disruptions in consciousness, memory, identity, and more, offering practical tips for reclaiming control and fostering self-awareness. Explore mindfulness practices, breathing techniques, and the importance of seeking professional support. Our personalized interventions empower individuals to navigate trauma, reframe negative beliefs, and cultivate resilience. Begin your journey towards healing today. More Tips & Helpful Info

Depression Therapy Services

Depression, characterized by a persistent shadow of negativity, stems from unresolved emotions and disconnects us from joy. Mindfulness, through simple daily practices, offers a path to reconnect with ourselves, manage triggers, and build emotional resilience. Professional counselling hypnotherapy support complements mindfulness, aiding in reclaiming control and fostering emotional well-being. More Tips & Helpful Info

Therapy for Overcoming Shame

Shame can weigh us down, robbing us of joy and self-acceptance. Whether stemming from our own actions, judgments from others, or traumatic events, shame deeply affects our sense of self. Our therapy approach sheds light on shame’s origins, fostering self-compassion and acceptance through practices like mindfulness and counselling hypnotherapy. Explore our tips for overcoming shame, including creating a safe space, practicing self-compassion, and considering professional therapy. Through modalities like mindfulness and emotional processing, we address underlying traumas and negative beliefs to cultivate self-compassion and dissolve feelings of shame. More Tips & Helpful Info

Overcoming Self-Doubt: Therapy for Building Confidence

Discover how to overcome self-doubt and unlock your full potential with our therapy sessions. Self-doubt can hinder happiness and fulfillment, but together, we can embark on a transformative journey to reclaim your self-worth and inner strength. Explore practical steps to understand the roots of self-doubt and implement strategies for building confidence from within. From cultivating self-acceptance to challenging negative self-talk, our personalized approach empowers you to navigate life with assurance and resilience. Start your journey towards self-confidence and empowerment today. More Tips & Helpful Info

Therapy for Building Coping Skills

Discover the path to resilience and confidence with coping skills therapy. Coping skills are the tools that empower us to manage stress, navigate challenges, and regulate our emotions effectively. Learn practical tips to cultivate coping skills, including mindful awareness, embracing present-moment sensations, setting clear intentions, nurturing positive self-talk, and seeking professional guidance when needed. Start your journey towards reclaiming control of your emotional well-being today. More Tips & Helpful Info

Finding Life Purpose

Discovering your life purpose can transform confusion into clarity and loneliness into connection. Uncover the essence of your true self and embrace a life filled with meaning and authenticity. Through mindfulness practices and counseling hypnotherapy, I guide you on a journey of self-discovery, helping you reconnect with your inner voice and find your unique path. Explore practical tips to cultivate self-awareness, listen to your intuition, reflect on your passions, and embrace your authenticity. Take inspired action towards your goals and dreams, supported by comprehensive therapy services tailored to your needs. Start your transformative journey today. More Tips & Helpful Info

Holistic Solutions for Overcoming Chronic Pain

Discover holistic approaches to overcome chronic pain and reclaim your well-being. Explore the roots of chronic pain and practical tips for holistic healing, including mindful awareness and reflective inquiry. Learn about therapeutic solutions integrating modalities such as mindfulness, counseling hypnotherapy, and energy healing, tailored to address emotional, physical, and energetic imbalances. Experience a comprehensive approach to lasting relief and well-being. More Tips & Helpful Info

Energy Protection Techniques for Well-being

Do you experience shifts in your mood or energy after interactions? Learn to protect yourself from negative energy with practical tips. Establish healthy boundaries, cultivate awareness, set positive intentions, stay grounded, practice energetic cleansing, maintain self-confidence, be role-aware, and practice mindful transitions. Learn more about how you can create strong energy boundaries. More Tips & Helpful Info

Awareness In Health Resources

Imagine having the tools and understanding to be able to process through whatever emotions and feelings that come up for you through any new life experience you choose to do?

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