It’s funny how humans are the only species that resist change. We hold onto things like our life depends on it and we try to control everything we can. Mother nature doesn’t do this, as she understands the natural laws of ebb and flow, and simply waits patiently for the perfect moment to sprout up out of something that has become ready for it.

I often feel bad when I see stumps left behind where trees were cut down, but I get excited  when I see a new tree growing out of the of the top of it. We may look at a stump as a dead tree, but in fact the new tree could not have grown there in its place if the larger tree had not been cut away which made the space for the new growth. 

As humans we really struggle with change, but often when we are stuck in life the best thing we can do is to cut down our old self to make space for a new self to emerge and grow. If we are struggling with old ways of how we relate to ourselves and the world that are keeping us from moving forward, then to free ourselves we need to remove the outdated old ways to make space to allow change to grow.

There are times in life where we have just grown too much and the clothes we are wearing are not big enough to support the growth spurts that are happening. Instead of holding onto the only way we know ourselves through that old outdated identity, what if we did a ceremony or funeral and consciously let go of that old way of being, that past identity of who we thought we were to make room for who our spirit is urning for us to become! Just like the new tree that grew out of the top of an old cut-off stump, a breathtakingly beautiful and amazing new sense of self will emerge and grow in its place within you!

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