Patience is something I have struggled with for many years. I am usually pretty good with patience, but sometimes, especially in some areas of my life, such as driving when traffic is really busy, or when I am deeply focused on something and someone interrupts me. Do you have difficulty with patience in some area of your life? 

Hi, my name is Arne Pedersen from Awareness In Health in beautiful Victoria, BC. In my therapy practice I get asked all the time by my clients how to become more patient. When I am challenged with my patience, I feel this tenseness in my body that is telling me that how I am relating to life is not aligned with harmony and health for me. When I am hurrying I trigger into this uncomfortable feeling really easily. For me this causes muscle spasms, body pain, judgement, and even anger.

When I notice that I am triggered into impatience and that rushed or being disturbed feeling of tight and uncomfortableness in my body is happening, I use this as my helper to ground my attention back to a better feeling place. The tool I use here is to simply say the word “patience” to myself, which is a friendly reminder that I have fallen into a misaligned state.

This is simply a choice, that when I notice I am not wanting what is happening and feeling the stress, rather than butt heads with it, which just leads to more stress, I instead remind myself that right now I have a better feeling choice. Through saying that word “Patience”, I have just set the intention of the words meaning, and to then take in a few slow and relaxing breaths, as I feel my feet on the ground, and just allow what is happening. This breaks the pattern of the impatience, and grounds me back into the moment where I have conscious say of how I would rather meet life. This opens me up to meeting life with a YES, rather that the resistance of NO that impatience sees life from.

This will open up flow and help you feel better. The more you practice this the better you will get, and in time you will become a much more grounded, calm in the moment of challenges, and happy person.

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