In my in-person Hypnotherapy Practice in Victoria, BC, I frequently encounter individuals seeking answers on how to reduce stress. Many of them are caught in the cycle of perpetual busyness, unaware that it might be contributing to their stress levels. My straightforward advice is to do less and discover the art of managing stress effectively.

How To Manage Stress

One effective strategy to prevent stress from accumulating is to incorporate more self-care breaks into your routine. While it may seem counterintuitive to pause in the midst of a hectic day, it’s a crucial step in understanding how to be more productive. Pushing ourselves relentlessly to meet deadlines and complete tasks can lead to exhaustion and imbalance. Often, we fail to recognize the toll it takes on our creativity and productivity. By training ourselves to take short, rejuvenating breaks at regular intervals—engaging in something entirely different for just five minutes—we can return to our tasks with a fresh perspective and revitalized energy. Listening to our body’s signals for breaks fosters a balanced mindset and body functionality.

What Replenishes Your Energy?

Personally, I find solace in walks along forest trails near my therapy office in Victoria or engaging in simple, invigorating exercises that provide a stretch and reinvigorate my body.

Give this approach a try and observe the significant boost in productivity that comes from taking better care of yourself in these ways.

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