How to Overcome False Memory OCD in Victoria, BC

I often encounter individuals at my hypnotherapy service in Victoria, BC, who struggle with OCD. This condition is usually accompanied by anxiety, anxiousness, fears, paranoia, intrusive thoughts, false memories, and self-sabotage.

Today, I want to delve into two key areas:

  • Understanding False Memory OCD
  • How to Stop False Memory OCD

From my experience in helping people overcome OCD, I’ve developed a unique perspective that I wish to share, offering practical solutions for healing.

What Is Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)?

OCD, in its essence, is an expression of a subconscious coping behavior designed to help individuals navigate through challenging life situations.

I view the OCD mind as an automatic, learned coping behavior within the subconscious, often formed in early childhood during overwhelming events or situations, where parental support for healthy emotional processing was lacking.

For example, consider a scenario where a child, having to sleep in a new, frightening environment, receives no validation or support for their fears from their parents. This repeated experience leads to coping mechanisms, such as hiding under the covers and minimizing one’s presence, reinforcing the belief that their feelings—and by extension, they themselves—do not matter. Over time, this belief system can result in a blend of reality and imagined fears, giving rise to false memories.

Understanding OCD

OCD is triggered by unsupported experiences that activate the fight or flight response. The subconscious mind then emotionally detaches from the intense, uncomfortable feelings associated with these experiences. This mechanism, while providing temporary safety, can evolve into obsessive-compulsive behavior as it becomes the primary method of coping.

As adults, the absence of real threats does not negate the impact of these childhood experiences. The subconscious memories of past fears remain unresolved, leading to habitual behaviors that reinforce the perception of danger whenever disconnection from bodily sensations occurs.

Navigating the Path to Resolving OCD

Resolving OCD requires re-establishing our connection to bodily sensations and the present moment, thereby creating a separation from the thought-based reality in our minds. This shift towards being present signals to the subconscious mind that life is safe, reducing the reliance on fight or flight responses and the compulsions that accompany them.

Although mindfulness practices and meditation can offer gradual improvement, the guidance of an experienced therapist can significantly enhance the healing process.

Can Hypnotherapy Help With OCD?

Yes, it can. Through counseling hypnotherapy and mindfulness-based therapy in Victoria, BC, I have successfully addressed OCD and other emotional challenges, such as anxiety, intrusive thoughts, and panic attacks.

I also offer a comprehensive mindfulness program designed to support individuals between sessions. This program, in conjunction with personalized mindfulness and hypnotherapy sessions, provides a powerful framework for overcoming false memory OCD.

I offer free 1 hour video consultations.

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