I was just thinking of years ago when I was telling my energy healing teacher how I moved past this big emotional block and through the process I had this amazing epiphany. She looked at me and said: It’s amazing what can happen when we get out of our own way!

How often in life do we hold ourselves back to old ways of looking at things, or in resistance of change or dislike what someone else has said. Often the problems we are experiencing in life are resulting from our resistance to new and different ways of looking at things. Its when we let that resistance go when we suddenly become open to a new way of looking at things, and this is when the amazing ah-ha moments happen!

Often the seeds of epiphanies have been there all along, but it was just waiting for the right conditions to germinate. When we resist, this manifests into tension and tightness in our body and mind, but when we let go to allow and accept what we feel with what is happening, calmness comes over us which supports ease and flow for creativity to grow!

What parts of you are getting in your own way?
What parts of you often hold you back?
What triggers you into resistance and judgements?
What might happen if instead of following the same old ways of these unconscious programs that trigger resistance in you, that you just stopped and focused your attention and awareness on your breathing for 5 min. Ill tell you what will happen! Your breathing will slow, your mind and body will become much more at ease, and from this new place of calm groundedness, new possibilities will suddenly appear!

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