Below in the blue footer is the Free hypnosis audio: Letting Go Of Stress & Anxiety. 

Listen to this audio somewhere that you feel safe and comfortable to close your eyes for approx 35 min. You can listen to it as many times as you want, but I suggest giving at least a day in-between. I would love to hear how it worked for you!

This is a generic hypnosis session I created for people to get an experience of what a hypnotherapy session with me would be like.

With this Hypnosis session you will most likely experience results between a little to very helpful. When I work privately with a client the sessions are custom tailored to their unique needs at that time that would best help them achieve their goals.

During a session we will first talk about their goals, where they are with them now, and then I will talk about the direction I feel would most benefit them at this time to help them achieve their goals. The second part of the session is usually a hypnotherapy session between 20-30 min long. If is seems more helpful, the second part of the session may instead be guidance with exercises and tools to practice at home in-between their next session.

**Do NOT listen to this while driving or doing anything that needs your full attention, as it is designed to help you relax.

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