On new years eve people like to make new years resolutions, or goals, for the new year. I think that is wonderful, but often results get sabotaged by unfinished business holding them back from the year they are leaving. 

Think of it like an elastic band. You hold one end really tight in your left hand, which represents the year you are completing. You stretch it forward with your right hand, which represents the new year and all the new goals you want to accomplish. Because the left hand is stuck in the same position, the right hand can only stretch the elastic forward so far before it gets really hard to go any further. Not only that, but you can feel the right hand being pulled back to the left hand that is stuck.

When we have unfinished business from the year we are now completing, this is stuck energy that effects our new goals moving forward like the elastic band. No matter how wonderful these new goals are, the old and incomplete things you have not finished will cause resistance to moving forward and limit your success on a subconscious level. This is because no matter what we do moving forward, if those old uncompleted goals still matter to us, they will be in the back of our mind haunting us while we do the steps to accomplish the new goals, which will limit and often sabotage our ability to move forward.

I think a great new years goal could be reminiscing the year you are completing and see how you feel about it. Celebrate the things you accomplished. With the things you did not complete, contemplate if they still matter to you, and if they do, consider making the next steps to completing them a part of your new years goals.

Give this a try, I suspect it will feel really good to start the new year this way.

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