Energy Healing has been around for thousands of years!

Energy Healing releases blockages, and aligns our bodies energy patterns and frequencies back to a balanced state, creating the environment that supports our

 mind, body, and spirit to Return to Harmony

 Institute of HeartMath

This video shows how the energy of our thoughts and feelings not only effect the health of your body, but also the people we interact with, our comunities, and the whole planet! Very worth watching! 

Sessions with me

$120 (+ gst in Canada)

Per 1 hour session

15% discount

 on 6 session package 


     (+gst in Canada)     

Take advantage of a complementary 60 min consultation to see if this is a fit for you

(Phone or video call is used for non-local consultations/sessions)

**Per every one hour session, I take approx 15-45 min time before and after your session to review your file to prepare and to take notes after


Everything is Energy!

When our body is out of alignment from the stresses of life, all the patterns and frequencies of our atoms are vibrating in expression of that unhealthy state. This creates blockages to the natural flow of energy in our system that makes it hard to feel good about ourselves and life


Energy Healing releases blockages and aligns these patterns and frequencies back to a balanced state, creating the environment that supports our body, thoughts, and emotions, to return to harmony


Remember, everything is energy, including our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and experiences. A balanced flow of energy in our body will support us to process and let go of the stresses of life as they happen, keeping them from accumulating



A healthy flow of energy in our system is the key to a healthy mind/body/spirit 

What to expect in a session?


It is important to me that you achieve the goals you came in for. This is why we will spend some time at the beginning to go over what you would like to accomplish, what is obstructing this from happening, and then creating the best action plan to support your success 


During our sessions together, I may talk to you about using one or several modalities if I feel it is beneficial. This could be Energy Healing, Hypnotherapy, helping you to create supportive action steps to do at home, or a mindfulness program. It is all about your comfort in how I can best help you to acheive your goals


If you are too far away to come into my office to see me, remote (long distance) Energy Healing is very effective. We can also work very effectively over the phone or a video call


what people are saying...

I suffered from major depression, anxiety, and acute osteoarthritis of my right foot which prevented me from any physical activity other than walking.  At the time I was in and out of school because of my situation – walking to the bus to get to school was very painful.  I didn’t know what to do.  I was seeing many doctors and rheumatologist all who told me to take Tylenol for arthritis pain as well as not to do any physical exercise until the flare-ups die down.  This pain was occurring almost two years prior to this point.  It was an unending battle that spiraled me down into a nervous, anxious and depressed wreck.  It was affecting my heath and life so much that I wanted it to end.  This arthritis and depression was severely affecting my relationships.  I almost gave up but I decided to keep going and seek help in other unconventional places.  That’s when I did a google search and found Arne’s website for hypnotherapy.  I knew nothing of hypnotherapy but the website looked promising and I was desperate to try something new.  I am so glad I decided to try something new because still to this day it has changed my life for the better.  Not only was Arne able to lift my depression and anxiety but miraculously my pain and swelling went down so much that it didn’t bother me!  This was something I did not believe even possible.  I was able to finish school and have a normal life again.  The arthritis is still there, and yes, I do have some bad days but it is nothing like it used to be.  I’ve learned so much from his work and grew exponentially from this experience.  I know now that anything IS possible.  I highly recommend Arne as he is gifted in his work.  It is very clear that he cares deeply about his clients and truly wants to help people.  Thank you Arne for giving my life back to me.  I’m forever grateful.  


Before I went to Arne, I was having trouble sleeping and I was suffering from stress and anxiety headaches. Approximately half way through the set of sessions I began to notice a definite change in my sleep patterns and my headaches seemed less frequent.  Arne has such a positive, calm and reassuring energy, I found working with him very easy and quite beneficial. Together we set goals on how I could work on letting go of my old patterns and develop new patterns that better fit my lifestyle.  I meditated for the first time, I was pleased and surprised.  Arne has a sincere and genuine approach and he has great listening skills. I continue to work with the tools I developed and I am happy with the results.


Thank you,


When I came to Arne, I wasn't concerned at all about uncovering the origin of my pain. I just wanted relief. In the end, I got way more than just relief and even found some insight into the cause of my problem.I was struggling with a persistent, low-level grade of melancholy and stress that kept me exhausted, impatient, and easily aggravated at my job and with my family.


After my session, I felt energetic and joyful, my sense of humour and play returned, and life in general seemed way lighter. I could hardly believe what a difference one session could make! I realize now that I had put off self-care for way too long - and that doesn't do my loved ones any favours.


I already have another session booked and I won't be waiting until I desperately need another session before I return again. Working with Arne is now part of my overall wellness regime.


"My sincere thanks to you, Arne.

Best, C

I appreciate how you created a safe and reassuring atmosphere for the sessions, and how you listened with close attention to what I said and worked with that. Also it was good that we discussed any suggestions you made before the actual hypnotherapy session and that these suggestions arose from what I said, rather than being arbitrary or 'leading' suggestions of your own. I'm very satisfied with the results of the sessions.


All the best, 

Ada Robinson 

Arne! thank you so much for writing to me :)


I was remembering you some weeks ago and also thought about contacting you.

I've been great. It's so awesome cause the hallucinations that I had when I went to you, I had them all my life and after your sessions they were gone, and even in some episodes when they came back, they stopped having power over me, I had the tools I needed to liberate me from that illusion. I became more aware that they were just illusions. That gave me the power. So thank you very much :) I also took the Ramana teachings deeply into me. There is a practice called "Enlightenment Intensives" which really is all about self inquiry, taking the Ramana teachings. That has allowed me to really wake up in life.

So thank you very much, Arne.


Send you lots of love


I am writing to endorse Arne Pedersen’s energy work. Last year I had a tubal ligation. Prior to the surgery, Arne worked with me to help me deal with the emotions that came up around my surgery and around my decision to stop at one child. I had been surprised by the amount of emotion, primarily feelings of grief and loss,  that came up for me as my surgery date approached. In a very warm, caring way Arne helped me to work through past events that had contributed to these feelings. He led me through a powerful visualization that helped me to acknowledge and dissolve these feelings. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life!  With the emotional issues out of the way, Arne then did energy work on me to help prepare physically for my surgery. He worked with me to manage pain, recover quickly, and release toxins from the surgery from my body more rapidly. Again, I was very impressed. Despite being given a prescription for pain relief and being told that I should rest for several days, I felt no need for any pain killers and had abundant energy. In fact, within hours of the surgery, I was out eating a buffet dinner, in a terrific physical and emotional state. I would highly recommend Arne’s services for anyone dealing with an emotional or physical issue or for someone who is facing surgery. He is a compassionate, creative man who seems to just intuitively understand what is needed by his client.


Thank you,