If we do not make friends with what we feel, its like gravity: What goes up must come down. 

If we push our emotions away, distract ourselves to avoid our pain, stay busy to keep negative feelings and thoughts at bay, then the laws of physics are eventually going to get the better of us. We cannot avoid what we feel forever, as the more we do habitual things to keep from being with what we don’t want to feel, the emotional energy from our avoided feelings builds up and will re-surface in many undesirable ways such as anger, anxiety, overwhelmment, panic attacks, depression, and even disease!

If we instead create a new practice of being with and experiencing what we feel rather that avoiding or resisting, then over time we will process through the old emotions that have built up over the years. Just imagine what it might be like to just feel the emotions resulting from a direct result of what happens in the moment and be able to process through it with self acceptance and ease, rather than unresolved past emotions always getting mixed in and causing emotional triggers, confusion, anxiety or overwhelm!

A simple awareness practice of going into our breathing on a regular bases will slowly get us back in touch with our inner feelings, which will allow us to better process and release all our past unresolved emotions that have caused years of stress. Allowing and accepting what we feel will bring a state of ease to our body, which will slowly release the holding patterns of tension that keep stress in place.

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