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Audio #1: Let Go of Anxiety and Stress

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Let go of Anxiety and Stress to Being ok with life - Audio #1 This audio is designed to help you let go of the habitual patterns of stress and anxiety while guiding your subconscious mind and body back into the natural and calm state of homeostasis. Homeostasis Homeostasis is a subsystem in the autonomic nervous system (controlled by the subconscious mind) called the parasympathetic nervous system. When life is perceived as safe we simply reside within the calm emotional stability of this system. Common by-products of homeostasis:

  • Our mind and body are relaxed
  • We sleep well
  • Our mind and body recuperate/regenerate after stresses
  • Our body systems function optimally (immune, digestive, etc)
  • We are filled with creative expression and insight
  • We are full of energy and enthusiasm
  • We feel happy and are more open to new experiences
Fight Or Flight When we are perceiving a threat our parasympathetic system turns off and our sympathetic survival system triggers on. All our available energy for growth, happiness, and creativity gets diverted to survival. Our thoughts become worrisome to prepare us to handle any potential threats. We are designed to go into fight or flight for short periods until safe, then go back into homeostasis. When we are stuck in survival mode, from a real or a perceived threat, it significantly stresses our body, emotions, and mind. Common byproducts of Survival Mode
  • We are always on red alert looking for danger
  • We have difficulty sleeping
  • Our adrenals get fatigued
  • Out digestive system does not work properly
  • Our thoughts and emotions are on edge, negative, and self judgemental
  • We feel drained and find it harder to recuperate
  • We are drawn to overeating, smoking, numbing/self medicating
  • We wear a mask, afraid to show our real self
Stress Stress is a natural byproduct of resisting life in some way, like when we feel that something is threatening our comfort zone, wellbeing, or normal way of doing things. This can be from a real or perceived threat. If we are not happy with our job, in our relationship, or having money issues, or pushing the limits of our body or mind for too long, or some other kinds of continued circumstances that are causing us to feel unhappy, then we will be feeling stress. In this state our sympathetic nervous system will be activated and running its survival programs that are in our subconscious mind. Anxiety Anxiety is more of an unwanted emotional energy that we are not able to process as fast as it builds up, running our survival system into overtime for too long becoming overwhelm. This is where panic attacks come from. This audio gets you back into the here and now, to be present with your body feelings/sensations, into a state of allowing. When we are in a state of allowing and accepting life as it is, survival mode turns off, and homeostasis resumes, simply because in the state of acceptance of life and body feelings and awareness, there is no resistance to life or perceived threat to activate survival mode. Perhaps from an accumulation of unhappy experiences when we were younger, or a sudden trauma, where we felt way too much to handle all at one time, and were not supported through the feelings in the experience, our subconscious mind would have triggered our survival system to shut off our connection from the emotional trauma until such time we could deal with it. In other words, we dissociated from the feeling through a subconscious coping behaviour that helped us to get through it, but when we got through it, the program kept going and thinking it was doing a good job, but didn't realize that the program may have become obsolete. Over time if we were not able to resolve the repressed trauma, it gets stuck in our psyche and cellular memory, and when an experience happens that reminds us on some level of that old feeling, our subconscious keeps repetitively triggering the corresponding coping behaviour again and again to try to keep us from what is causing the threat. This eventually turns into a large snowball of unresolved feeling that overwhelms us into anxiety. Over time the unresolved feeling energy builds up so much that the coping behaviour is no longer helping, but now hindering us, and all those pushed down emotions explode up to the surface and we are overwhelmed with seemingly nothing causing it. If it were just the feelings that were a direct result of the life experience that was actually happening in the moment then we could deal with it, but when our subconscious confuses it with the perceived threat through the lens of the old coping program, it is just too much to handle. When we get grounded back into our body awareness, we are not operating from the dissociative coping programs in our mind/thoughts. When we are reconnected to our body feelings, our awareness and experience of them is what simply allows them to move through our body awareness as the single event happens. Our body is designed to feel, and when we are present with it, and allow the feelings of what life brings us in the moment without resistance, we can experience and move through the feelings fairly quickly. When we get caught in unconscious triggers by seeing things through the lens of the old fear program and worrisome thinking in our head, it is not possible to process and let go of the emotions from life in the moment because we are not present with the feeling in our body to allow it so, and in fact resisting body feeling by doing so. This audio will help you communicate with your subconscious mind in a friendly way to support it to update that old survival program to be supportive with where you are in life now, to then help you reconnect with your body to feel good again and learn how to stay there. My hypnosis sessions are reported to be very relaxing and enjoyable! This is a digital hypnosis audio download You will not receive and physical product with your purchase.
=========== DETAILS:

- This audio is approx. 34 min long. It is designed to listen to in a safe place with your eyes closed. Do not listen to this audio while driving, operating machinery or equipment.

- Also, there is an additional audio download that is approx. 4 min long. It offers some next steps options beyond the audio after you purchase it.


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- Do not listen to this audio while driving, operating machinery or equipment
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Let go of Anxiety and Stress to Being ok with life - Audio #1


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