When I was a young man I used to really love riding dirt bikes. I used to ride on logging roads and trails as fast as I could. My attention was so busy trying to go fast that my sights were always focused way in front away from where I was and most of my surroundings were just a blur. I always seemed to be in a hurry to get away from where I was to somewhere else as fast as I could. Once I got to somewhere else I was never happy there either, so I just kept on going.

It took me a lot of years to realize just how much of life I was missing by racing away from where I was. From a therapist perspective it was more of an avoidance of the present moment than anything else, as I was not happy within myself, so I was always trying to get away by seeking happiness elsewhere. Eventually my chronic unhappiness motivated me to start looking deep within myself to understand what was causing my pain. Through this journey I found myself that was waiting for me there in the present moment all along, and along side of that was the happiness too that I was seeking elsewhere!

It is amazing what we can experience when we slow down to be present with where we are. 

The more we cultivate self acceptance the more we are able to accept life, and the more happiness and fulfillment we will find in the simple little things in life. At this point, we never have to try to get away from ourselves to find ourself, as we realize that wherever we go, the happy us is patiently waiting!

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