Often in my therapy practice in Victoria BC, people ask me what kinds of tools they can learn to create more of those moments in life where they feel really good and happy with everything flowing. I tell them that the best way they can do this is to allow and accept when things are not working, and breathe acceptance into the associated uncomfortable emotions.

When something is happening that is challenging us, it is usually the feeling we experience with it that we do not like. When we are resisting something, we are clenched onto it with the unhappiness we do not like about it. The more we can learn to be with this feeling, allowing ourselves to be stretched out of our comfort zone, the more we will open up to expand our capacity which will allow us to better handle and process what is happening in life. This will not only let go of the resistance and blocks we are stuck in, as blocks have nothing to hold onto when there is flow, but as well open us up to more abundance of joy and happiness.

When we hold something in that our inner self wants to voice, we are blocking the natural flow of who we are from coming out. When we are saying no and pushing away experiences and feelings that we do not like, we are blocking flow. When we do not like something about ourselves, we are creating blocks and stopping flow. If instead we practice being vulnerable within ourselves to meet the uncomfortable feelings that are arising with these unwanted experiences, we will in-fact be changing our relationship to them from a NO, to a YES. 

Yes is flow, which will then allow more happiness to flow as a result of the lack of resistance to the moment of what is happening. Once we allow life to happen, our unhappy feeling experience changes into happier because our relationship with life has changed into allowing rather than resisting. This will in-turn allow happiness to be more of our regular experience.

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