We could do things the same way we always do them, which may be with a lot of automatic subconscious habits in how we do them, but this will limit them by past ways of doing things. If we instead take some time in the morning to get clear on what we want to accomplish during the day and set an intention to take actions that align with our goal, then we will be much more productive in what we accomplish, because we will have been taking more purposeful and aligned actions that were based on the image of the perfect day that we set.
Holding that vision may be specific things we want to accomplish, or a state of being of how we want to feel, or the connections with the people we will interact with. When we use our imagination to look from a viewpoint of the end of our day perspective, and ask how we want to feel looking back on in, then the day will be much more divinely guided by these pictures we imagined, as well as the feelings in our body as we did the excercise. Through these intentions our subconscious mind will then be able to help us to align with flow within the direction we set.
If we keep doing what we have always done, we will keep getting what we have always got. Meaning, if we go through our day without setting any particular intention, we will most likely live our day by natural habitual default, by the way we lived it yesterday, and the days, weeks, and years before. This will more likely fill our day with more stress, doubts, and lack of confidence in what we are doing. Some people are doers and get a lot done, but others struggle with inner feelings of self sabotage and negativity. It is surprising just how much stress and negativity in our mind can limit us, and how years and even decades can go by without accomplishing some of the things we really want to do. The thing is, if we want our live to change, such as experiencing some of these goals we desire that have never seemed to manifest, we need to change the way we meet our days by bringing in conscious and deliberate intentions to our actions, with purposeful followthrough.
Like a thousand piece puzzle, with one piece missing it cannot be completed. each single piece is just as important as all the rest. Even though the first few pieces here and there set out on the table seem meaningless, if we keep holding the intention of seeing the horse image of the completed puzzle and keep going with that line of thinking, pretty soon the random clumps here and there create a tipping point where the puzzle suddenly comes together, and we are holding the last piece.
Life is like the horse image on the puzzle box, if we hold faith that each piece we put down will eventually connect together into the greater goal of the completion of the intention, pretty soon we will feel great as we look at the completed puzzle. Ask yourself, what would the perfect day look and feel like? and use this intention to guide you through your day. Imagine seeing the day flowing through one step at a time with your intention, and feeling the experience as you hold the feeling of the completed perfect day in your imagination. Once you have the image and feeling of your day, then back up and ask yourself what step is first for you to begin, as your intention will guide you along the whole way through.
Give this a try and see how it works for you!

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