Hosted by: Arne Pedersen from Awareness in Health & Linda Campbell from Your Authentic Self


Where: 228-1175 Cook St., The Horizon Group classroom


When: July 3, 6-9 pm


How much?:  $169 plus GST, $149 plus GST for CACHE members


For questions, or alternate payment option, contact Arne or Linda.



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Regular Price $169 + GST

Due to not having enough registrations, we are cancelling the cord cutting workshop.

However, we have had several people express an interest and so we want to provide other options for receiving the material/training.

1) We will run the workshop again in Aug. or Sept so keep your eyes on your inbox.
2) For the same price ($149 for CACHE members), you can experience your own one on one, 1 1/2 hour Cord Cutting Session.


During this time, you will be given the material for the workshop including the 4 versions of the cord cutting technique scripts.
If you wish to sign up for a one on one session, contact Arne 

CACHE Members ONLY, $149 + GST

Do you or your client:


  • Dwell on the past, feeling unable to move on?

  • Continuously think about or dwell on a person or situation?

  • Spend time arguing with someone within your mind?

  • Desire a relationship with someone who has proven to be toxic for you?

  • Keep coming back to an unhealthy relationship after it has ended?

  • Have trouble moving on after the death of a loved one?


If so, then this workshop is for you!


These symptoms and behaviours are an indication that you, or your client, may have a symbolic or energetic cord still attached to a past person or situation. 


Successful removal of cords tends to lead to:


  • Feeling free from the past and able to move on

  • Having thoughts freed up 

  • No longer wasting emotion, energy or time on the past

  • Attracting healthier relationships

  • Having more energy and excitement for life


In this experiential 3 hour workshop, facilitated by Arne Pedersen and Linda Campbell, you will get the opportunity to examine, understand and disconnect or modify a cord (or system of cords) that has tied you to a person or situation from your past.


**You will also receive copies of 4 cord removal scripts for use in various situations.