Strategies for Building Confidence

Arne Pedersen

Registered and Certified Counselling Hypnotherapist, Victoria, B.C.

Building Self-Confidence: Practical Tips and Techniques

Low self-confidence can be a heavy burden, casting a shadow over every aspect of our lives. It makes us feel bad about ourselves, diminishes our joy, stifles our aspirations, and limits our potential. But it doesn’t have to be this way. With the right support and guidance, you can reclaim your inner strength and step into a life filled with confidence, purpose, and fulfillment. 

As a therapist specializing in helping individuals overcome emotional challenges, I’m here to offer you practical strategies and compassionate guidance on your journey towards building unshakable confidence.

Understanding the Root of Low Self-Confidence

To effectively address low self-confidence, it’s essential to understand its underlying causes and how it manifests in our lives. Often, low self-confidence stems from deep-seated negative beliefs formed in childhood or as a result of past experiences we felt bad about. These beliefs shape our perceptions of ourselves and the world around us, influencing our thoughts, feelings,  behaviours, and our ability to either step into life with the confidence we can be successful, or that we cannot.

Imagine these negative self-beliefs as the roots of a tree, anchoring themselves deep within our subconscious mind. Over time, they grow stronger, shaping the way we view ourselves and our capabilities into more negative and unsupportive ways. But just as a tree can be pruned and nurtured to promote growth, so too can our beliefs be reshaped and transformed.

Practice Embracing Your Emotions and Building Confidence:

If you want to do something that you felt uncomfortable doing before and couldn’t do, the limiting factor here is the uncomfortable feelings that arise through the process. If you are too uncomfortable with the feelings that arise in doing something out of your comfort zone, then you will only build the confidence that you are unable to do it. However, if you instead learn to become friends with what you feel, then you can be with your feelings as you stretch yourself through all the steps of doing the new thing you desire. Now that’s real Emotional confidence that can help you in all areas of your life!

Here are some practical strategies to help you cultivate a deep sense of confidence from within:

Begin by cultivating a deep awareness of your emotional landscape. Set aside dedicated time each day to sit in quiet contemplation and connect with your feelings. As you breathe deeply, allow yourself to fully experience the sensations within your body. Notice the ebb and flow of your emotions without and judgment or resistance.

1) Embrace the Fluidity of Emotions and Build Confidence:

Recognize that emotions are ever-changing and dynamic. Each day, as you return to your practice, you may notice a different array of feelings arise within you. Embrace this variability as an opportunity to explore the full spectrum of your emotional experience and build confidence in your ability to navigate feelings you may not have otherwise been able to be with.

2) Dive Into the Experience and Build Confidence:

Engage in the process of breathing into and fully experiencing your emotions. Allow yourself to be present with whatever arises, whether it be joy, sadness, fear, or uncertainty. By leaning into the discomfort and embracing the richness of your emotional landscape from one spectrum to the other, you cultivate resilience and build confidence in your emotional capacity.

3) Actively Engage with Your Body to Build Confidence:

Practice tuning into the sensations within your body, noticing how emotions manifest physically. By developing a deep awareness of your bodily sensations, you enhance your ability to navigate and process emotions effectively, thereby building confidence in your ability to cope with challenging situations.

4) Build Confidence Through Experience:

Confidence is not simply a state of mind; it is cultivated through action and experience. As you engage with your emotions and bodily sensations, you develop the skill of being present with whatever arises and building confidence in being able to be with these feelings. This practice lays the foundation for building confidence in your ability to navigate life’s challenges with grace and resilience.

Your Path to Confidence

If you’re ready to embark on a journey towards greater confidence and self-belief, I invite you to take the first step today. Schedule a complimentary one-hour zoom video consultation to explore how therapy can support you on your path to personal growth and empowerment. Together, we’ll unravel the layers of self-doubt and unlock the door to a brighter, more confident future.


Investing in your self-confidence is one of the most valuable investments you can make. By addressing the root causes of low self-confidence and cultivating a mindset of growth and resilience, you can transform your life in profound ways. I’m here to support you every step of the way on your journey towards unlocking your inner confidence and embracing the life you deserve. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together.