Bringing balance into our lives could be as simple as assessing and rearranging all the main areas of our lives from a cost Vs gain perspective.

We cannot function long term if we are doing things that deplete our energies more that they feed us. This is pretty clear with food. Simply make a list of all the main areas of your life such as: Sleep, work, hobby’s, family, friendships, relationship, faith, food, exercise..etc. Once you have done that assess which areas cost you more energy, effort, health, and attention than the return you gain from them. 

If you do an activity, or eat that kind of food, or are in that relationship that causes you stress and leaves you feeling depleted, then this will adversely effect all the other areas of your life. Think of your time like a financial investment. How long are you willing to invest money into something that keeps costing money with no positive return?

If you are wanting to bring more happiness and balance into your life then learning which areas cost you more energy and emotions than you can afford to spend is important to know. From this new understanding maybe we simply just need an adjustment in that area to bring in more harmony, or maybe we need to remove ourselves from it all together.

Once all the areas in your life are in balance, you will feel the flow of harmony feeding you with happiness, excitement and enthusiasm. Doing this can be a lot of work, but it is worth the effort

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