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Mindfulness-Based Solutions

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Mindfulness-Based Solutions

Posts by Arne Pedersen, Registered and Certified Counselling Hypnotherapist in Victoria, BC.

39: Unlocking Positive Change: Insights from a Counselling Hypnotherapist in Victoria BC

By |January 8, 2024|Categories: Hypnotherapy & Subconscious Mind, Mindfulness-Based Solutions, Overcoming Anxiety, Panic Attacks & Depression|Tags: , , , , |

In my role as an online and in-person Counselling Hypnotherapist in Victoria BC, individuals seek my guidance when they're ready to transform aspects of their [...]

30: Asking For Inner Guidance Will Bring Clarity For Best Next Steps

By |February 1, 2022|Categories: Developing Self-Confidence, Self-Worth & Self-Esteem, Mindfulness-Based Solutions, Navigating Spirituality|Tags: , , , , , , , |

If we are feeling stressed, stuck, or confused, we have an innate wisdom inside of us that we can use to guide us back to [...]

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