About Arne

Hi, my name is Arne Pedersen. I’m a Hypnotherapist, energy healer and love helping people. 


And I practice what I teach. 

You see, I’ve been there myself - struggling to overcome very difficult life circumstances, and learned just how painful my self sabotaging beliefs and behaviours held me back from achieving my dreams; causing me years of suffering with failed attempts at career & relationships.


Back then, I found myself unconsciously arranging my life around fears I had no idea how to deal with. And because the human body is so connected to the mind and it’s emotions, this led to almost 15 years of painful muscle spasms, insomnia, joint injuries, inflammation and chronic pain because my body was always incredibly tense and not able to heal. The energy I was using to manage my negative emotions and physical pain completely sabotaged me from working towards what I actually wanted. 


I’ll be honest, it took me about ten years into my healing exploration to finally realize that I really did not need to take this long to heal my self sabotaging beliefs and behaviours! 


However, as life has a habit of doing, my healing path led me to connect with the most amazing people and life experiences along the way. These healers (meditation, mindfulness, energy healing, and hypnotherapy) and their modalities are what motivated me to become a therapist and mindfulness teacher with deep excitement to help others to move through their challenges and live the life they desire!


Why did I choose Hypnotherapy? 

My core motivation for becoming a Hypnotherapist is that I can't bear the thought of people giving up on themselves. I remember the deep shame that ripped me apart from the inside out when I felt so far away from my personal, relationship and career goals. 


I want to share a story from my past with you to prove that life is just too short to quit our dreams.  


In my early 20’s, as was my pattern to give up on myself as the fear rose, there was one unfinished dream that changed me forever.


I dreamed of making bass fishing videos, and becoming a professional guide and tournament fisherman. I bought the highest quality filming gear I could manage, and even an underwater camera (which was very high tech and expensive at the time!) I hired a friend to do the filming, and we got incredible footage with the intention to send it to an editing company for post-production. But I hit a block and that deep, unrelenting anxiety and negativity overpowered my thinking; Who do you think you are? Why would anyone buy these videos? You’re going to look like a fool, especially when no one buys them.

So those tapes, and my dreams, went into a box for many many years. 


About 8 years ago I opened this box and felt the sadness, the shame and the pain of not following through on yet another dream that when I started, meant more to me than anything else! Then I pulled out my fishing log book where I had meticulously wrote every detail of every time I went bass fishing over about a 20 year period - I used to study bass in every way I could. 


I lit a fire, and went through each page of my 700-1000 fishing entries over the years, remembering and thanking each and every one of these memories for saving my life at the time (when I was younger, bass fishing was the only thing that took me out of the anxiety and emotional pain I felt for so many years). I blessed the pages one by one and said goodbye. Then I burned the video tapes - all filled with incredible instructional and exciting fishing footage. It wasn't very environmental to burn them, but that is what I did. I thanked them for the life, passion and dreams they gifted me when my photographer friend and I made them. 


When I set these items free into the flames, tears of sadness fell from my face. Yet, at the same time, I felt a sense of closure and self forgiveness. This filled my heart with gratitude and peace!


Even though I was no longer passionate about fishing, I made a vow to myself on that day, to NEVER EVER, be standing over a box of another unfinished dream and have to sift through all the shame and regrets that come from not following through with it!


I’m happy to report, from that day on I have honoured that personal agreement.


Life is too short to be standing in front of boxes of regrets. I have new dreams now; helping people find and experience their highest potential in themselves, relationships and career. I help people to align with who they really are on the inside with their personal, relationship and career goals; to explore and uncover the lost or hidden parts of their amazingness. By supporting clients to create a sense of wholeness and clarity in their life purpose, their next steps in life become clear and the actions they take are confident and happen in flow. 


My training, memberships & designations:


  • Horizon School of Hypnotherapy - Certified Hypnotherapist IMDHA CHt.

  • Association of Registered Clinical Hypnotherapists of Canada - Registered Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist (RCCH) 

  • Canadian Association of Counselling Hypnotherapists and Educators - Registered Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist (RCCH)

  • Two years of in-depth Energy Healing training from the Chelaume Healing Arts Centre 


Are we the right fit? Maybe!


When I first connect with a potential client I always ask what their belief systems are because I work best with spiritual people.


If you describe your beliefs with words like: universe, spirit, angels/guides, faith, flow, god, higher self, soul purpose, buddha nature, authentic self, channeling, past lives, energy, source, creator, intuition and are willing to venture through your fears to learn to nurture and follow your unique light of who you are beneath the ego, then we are most likely a good fit!


The reality is, when it comes to helping my clients in Hypnotherapy or Energy Healing, training and experience can only take me so far with connecting you to your fullest potential - I shift into using my intuition & spiritual guidance to land on the best path for your growth.


What does that look like? 


Before you come in for a session, I stand in the middle of my office and ask that all my personal baggage be put aside for the session. I literally I imagine hanging it up on a hook! I then cleanse my energy from head to toe by channeling Source energy through my body. When I feel clear, I make a clear intention to wear the role of the professional therapist; spending a few moments with what it means to be entrusted to guide people to become the best version of themselves.


During this process, I also connect to my guides: Owl (the light of my spirit), Bear (my power/strength animal to ground me), Laird (youth, vitality and enthusiasm), Billy Goat (playfulness), and Doreen (unconditional love), and ask them to help support my clients needs in this session. I then connect to my Higher Self and the Higher Self of my client and ask that if we are soul contracted to work together, that we are both able to communicate clearly with each other, and be guided to see the Light of their life purpose to help them achieve their goals.


I've spent many years implementing this spiritual practice into my client work and it has always led to extremely dynamic healing, ah-ha's and transformation during these sessions. Afterwards, clients share just how powerful, fitting, or insightful the session was - that I happened to say the exact thing, or guide them to the exact place exactly when they needed it - often when it wasn't even something we talked about prior to the session!


I've come to know & trust that everything that's needed to walk us to harmony is here in the moment if we are willing, open, and trust that the Universe - our Source knows best. The more I fall back into my heart and trust the inner guidance that comes to me during our sessions, the more life unfolds in the most amazing ways where miracles become a regular thing!

With the combination of my training in Hypnotherapy and Energy Healing, experience, and willingness to trust spirit guidance, my clients all undergo incredible transformations of their well being and potential.

​Arne Pedersen

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