September 25, 2019

Do you ever feel tension, stress, or anxiety in your career, business, or relationships? This video will help you to let that go in a simple natural way!

Movement is required to let go of stuck energy from the past. In fact any kind of change requires movement to become...

November 10, 2017

Have you ever felt really drained for a while, and you just seemed to be stuck in an emotional lull? Here are some insights that may resonate with you on how this happens and how you can turn it around.

If everything is energy, then this means that the world, air we bre...

August 4, 2016

Learning how to process your feelings and emotions through your body will give you the anxiety relief you are looking for.

Imagine feeling something in the past that was too much, so you stuffed your emotions out of reality in some way or another. Have you ever wondered...

December 29, 2015

Have you ever felt so stuck with negative energy that it took more than you have just to do the simplest things? It builds up bit-by-bit and accumulates so slowly that we easily get accustomed to it. It is like having your back or neck a bit too tight for a while in on...

September 24, 2015

I was once told by a friend that I was an amazing manifester. I asked what she was talking about, as all I attracted were crappy experiences that I didn't want. "Exactly" she said. I asked what that meant. She told me that because of all these negative things I was alw...

June 4, 2015

 There was a TV show some time back called Clean Sweep. They went into houses where the families that lived there had terribly bad clutter problems and the TV crew cleaned it up. They got rid of all kinds of junk, renovated and organized the rooms.

Afterwards, the Host...

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March 24, 2020

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