March 10, 2020

Do We Believe We Can Heal? 

We want our body to heal, but if we do not have a belief system that supports that enough, then it could be limited!

Have you ever picked up a dry stick and snapped it in half? That seems pretty final doesn’t it! But think of a broken leg or a...

March 3, 2020

Healing Chronic Pain Requires A Supportive Environment Of Self Care

In order for children to thrive and grow into their fullest potential, they need an environment from their parents that will support this. If they do not have a supportive environment then a lot of ener...

February 11, 2020

What blocks healing? - Episode #28

New 6 week theme on Healing Chronic Pain

Our immune system has an amazing capacity to keep balance in the human body, but at times long periods of stress can significantly effect it's ability to maintain balance and a full healing capac...

January 28, 2020

Healing Requires A Supportive Environment 

A plant can’t thrive in an environment that is unhealthy for it. It may be able to survive at most. When it has the most supportive environment that it requires it can then thrive and grow into its most expansive and healthy ve...

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March 24, 2020

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