November 12, 2019

If we want to more easily achieve the goal that we desire, and feel fulfilled when we have done so, the best way to do this is to take a good look at our goal and get a sense of what the overall essence is of why we want to achieve it. It may seem on the surface that w...

November 5, 2019

Radical Self-Care is Key to Up-Leveling Career Success

As an entrepreneur I am really excited about this episode and the following videos in the "Career Performance" series. 

Todays episode is on up-leveling our career performance and success! 

If you have goals in your b...

October 29, 2019

This week we will be re-capping all the episodes we have done in the theme of Anxiety and Stress, as well as tying everything together.

What is Anxiety and Stress?

Stress is the when we are resisting what is happening in the present moment. This is usually experienced in...

October 22, 2019

Allowing and accepting life as it is lets go of Anxiety and Stress

In life we are always wanting something with our business, in our job, in our relationships, or life in general. In a way we are always wanting to hold onto something we like, or push away something that...

October 15, 2019

A Negative Mind Will NEVER Give you a Positive Life

This episode is about recognizing that if we keep living each day with the same way we have always done, then our tomorrow will be very predictably the same. If we want to make some healthy changes in our lives, we nee...

October 8, 2019

Our Freedom Is Through Mindfulness!

In these short videos I can only share so much at a time, which is why I am really excited to tell you about my upcoming Freedom Through Mindfulness workshop, because we can really dig into am amazing process to create some amazing re...

October 3, 2019

How our subconscious mind uses fear to trick us!

F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real)

At times our subconscious mind protects us when it perceives danger and sends a false fight or flight stress response. Many people experience this on a regular bases as their every...

September 25, 2019

Do you ever feel tension, stress, or anxiety in your career, business, or relationships? This video will help you to let that go in a simple natural way!

Movement is required to let go of stuck energy from the past. In fact any kind of change requires movement to become...

September 19, 2019

Using Breathing to Let Go of Anxiety and Stress

Since we are going to be talking about Anxiety and Stress for 7 episodes, I think it is important to first take a look at the issue before we try to change it, so here is my question that I want you to contemplate: What is...

September 19, 2019

Grounding and Centering into the Here and Now

Why is it so important to ground and center? Life happens now, and only now in the moment, even though our mind perceives past and present concepts of time. If we are off in thought of past/present, then our attention is not...

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