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How much of your energy and self confidence is robbed by negative thinking, anxiety, and self sabotage, and holding you back from the things that matter the most to you?


Think of the sabotaging strength these negative programs have over your will power


Now IMAGINE if you could instead focus that energy and mind power towards the life you really want with all the parts of your mind working for YOU instead!


Learn how your subconscious mind can get stuck in outdated programs that no longer serve you and how this sabotages your happiness in many areas of your life... AND how to let go of these patterns with powerful mindfulness & self-care tools 

to create a happy and fulfilling life!

Whether you are struggling and wanting to heal from emotional difficulties like: negative thoughts, self confidence, self esteem and anxiety... or, wanting to achieve some meaningful goals... or wanting to go deeper in your spiritual path and follow your life purpose... this program will help you create the inner SELF-foundation to help you do so!

IMAGINE having the tools and understanding to be able to process through whatever emotions and feelings that come up for you through any life experience you choose to do?


Now that's freedom!

In this program you will learn self empowering mindfulness tools and practices to help you:

  • To be able to ground yourself back to a calm & thoughtful "center" in the midst of challenging emotional triggers

  • To align with authentic life purpose, giving you a sense of fulfillment and ease in all you do

  • Able to let go of the monkey mind and finally get a solid night sleep

  • Feel more relaxed, confident, and focused - and able to handle more of life & career with less effort

  • Able to be more present & clear with your energy, attention and focus to embrace life fully 

  • Harness your subconscious minds creative power to support success, rather than hinder it

  • Able to use emotions and body feelings as an intuitive tool to guide you


This 6 section Mindfulness Program covers:

Section #1 - MINDFULNESS: 


Our starting foundation is learning to be present and aware with what's occurring on all levels, because if we are not aware, then how can we create healthier subconscious programs and behaviours to support our goals? 

Section #2 - TRUTH: 


To make conscious changes, we need to clearly see and understand how our automatic subconscious programs steer our behaviours. This will show us how much we automatically arrange our lives around old fears. 


Section #3 - FEELING: 


Learning to feel and experience our body sensations is the key to processing our emotions in the present moment as they happen, which will slowly release stuck unresolved energies from the past that have been holding us back.  


Section #4 - SELF DISCIPLINE: 


If we want our lives to change we have to be willing to change. Stepping out of our comfort zone into new experiences can be really scary and bring up challenging feelings and emotions. Navigating through this will take faith, willingness, and healthy self-discipline that will maintain successful follow-through.




It is surprising how much the way we express ourselves can unknowingly support the continuation of limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, and unsupportive subconscious programs. Once we learn to align our actions and emotional expression with our intentions then these old programs will begin to fall away.




There are bound to be setbacks along the way, and this section addresses them in simple ways, while also bridging everything in the program together to keep the flow of progress going.

**Special Offers only valid until Friday, Sept 25th, 2020**


3 Options:


Option 1 

Freedom Through Mindfulness AUDIO Program

  • 6 Section downloadable audio program 

  • 6 downloadable guided meditation audios

  • 1 downloadable Hypnosis Audio to help integrate the program into your memory

  • Approx 5 hours of audios in total

Reg: $159

Limited time offer:  (+ gst in Canada)

Option 2:

Freedom Through Mindfulness VIDEO & AUDIO Program

**All Contents Of Previous Package, with the addition of:

  • 6 section downloadable video program 

  • 6 downloadable guided meditation audios

  • 1 downloadable Hypnosis Audio to help integrate the program into your memory

  • Approx 4.5 hours of video and 1 hour of audios 


Printable PDFs


  • Summary of each section

  • Worksheets

  • Workbook (approx 69 pages)

Reg: $259

Limited time offer:  (+ gst in Canada)

Option 3:

Freedom Through Mindfulness VIDEO & AUDIO Program

**All Contents Of Previous Package, with the addition of: 

8 - 90 min personal VIDEO coaching/therapy sessions with me


This will help you with:


Coaching you through each section of the program & workbook


Hypnotherapy sessions and helpful tools where needed to help you move through blocks to get your subconscious to support your goals


Program: $259

12 hrs personal online coaching/hypnotherapy sessions: $1440

Regular Price: $1699 total

(+ gst in Canada)




Program: FREE

12 hrs personal online coaching/hypnotherapy sessions: $1440

Special Price:  total

(+ gst in Canada)



**Free preliminary consultation is required to see if it is a fit**


E-mail to book your free VIDEO or PHONE consultation



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**Special Offers only valid until Friday, Sept 25th, 2020**

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What people are saying about the

Freedom Through Mindfulness Program:



"Hi Arne,

I just wanted to thank you again. Your class has had a tremendous impact on my life, and I've only just started practicing mindfulness. I hope to take more of your classes in the future!


"I took Arne’s 6 session Freedom through Mindfulness program, and I found his delivery and education on mental awareness authentic, effective and easy to grasp. He has a very calm approach and opens a level of comfort and dialogue that is liberating and supportive. I highly recommend his class for learning in a personal and productive way. 



"I loved the mindfulness Workshop and I highly recommend it for everyone! Arne's approach is thoughtful and kind. He shares great information on how to understand, reframe, and deal with a wide range of stressors. He also teaches more than one meditation technique so that you have a good repertoire to draw on. I finally found  that one technique  that is just right for me. The mindfulness exercises even led me to a clear understanding of something that has been holding me back in an area that I have been working on for a long time. Thanks so much Arne!

Twyla Johnson"

I" attended Arne's 6 week Mindfulness Seminar and found it both interesting and helpful. I came to restart a discovery process that I began many years ago, but somehow managed to get sidetracked on. What I was searching for was a way to understand what was holding me back in areas that I knew I needed and wanted to change. I first attended a single session, I like to dip my toes first, and quickly realized I needed to attend the whole 6 week course and I signed up for the next offering. 


I was pleasantly surprised to find so many like minded individuals, each struggling separately with similar sets of issues. Arne guided us through what is a very abstract concept; that we have two minds and they don't always cooperate, but at the same time are intrinsically joined. As a mechanical engineer, rooted firmly in the physical, I found most helpful the small allegorical examples that I can recall when I feel emotions that tend me the wrong way. Like the glass screen we all wrote our negative self-thoughts upon, then looked through to see an example of how these negatively charged ideas overlay the reality of our existence. This small tangible idea helps me see that there is truth and then stories I lay over the truth as separate things, not one big mess.


I highly recommend the Mindfulness course to anyone who struggles with negative thoughts, or wonders why they can't follow through on the self -help they know they so desperately want. Many thanks Arne, your simple but solid explanations rang true for me and moved me many steps forward in my journey, now with a bigger smile on my face. Keep up the good work!